What speakers with AHB2

Great to have a Benchmark category.

In the distant future I’ll be looking for AHB2 since I love my LA4 so much. But might upgrade my speaker first. So I was wondering what Speakers do users of AHB2 use.


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I have used two different speakers with mine. A single AHB2 driving B&W 703’s (from mid 2000s) later in their life they were assisted with an REL sub. Dual AHB2 driving Sonus Faber Sarafino Traditions (no sub) since about 18 months ago. Both sound great (the SF outclass the B&Ws obviously).

Benchmark make the claim that they can drive anything, including difficult to drive speakers with wide impedance ranges.

When I purchased the REL sub, I wanted to terminate my speaker cables with a a single speak-on connector and use the regular speaker terminals for the REL. I called them and very quickly I was in speaking with a very knowledgeable person who told my precisely how to wire the speak-on connector and answered various other questions and verified that what I was attempting was sensible.

In your place, I would purchase speakers without regard to the AHB2, then when you’re ready to pull the trigger you have Benchmark’s return policy to back you. I doubt that you will need to use it!

Edit: Regarding cabling, the terminals are pretty tight given the limited real estate on the back, I would recommend against spades and for either locking bananas or speak-on.


I’m driving Focal Sopra 3s with mine. However, Benchmark told me it could drive pretty much anything. What speakers have you listened to that you really like?

Edit/Add: agree 100% with @Kelly_Burkhart post above.


I use mine with Quad electrostatic speakers. Because their isn’t anything better. :wink:



Thanks, That is good to know

None yet.
I know I want something better, now I’m on goldenear triton 5 with a pair of Yamaha 300w subs.
I’ll have to see the budget, probably if this year I’ll have to stay in max 4k if I can wait I’ll double each year.
I do not know why I like DALI. I have heard some and like them but there are some many that I liked. Sopra 3 are lovely (not on my looks taste but I would live with any looks on that sound). B&W I did never listen as I never payed a visit to the specific dealer. But I’ll make sure to check, and also check Quad electrostatic speakers.
Thanks for your responses.
Have a nice WE

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A friend brought over his AHB2 for extended audition. It sounded GREAT with my Janszen Valentina P8 speakers, which are electrostatic hybrids.


B&W seem to be a polarizing brand, I’m not sure why. I like them and seriously considered them for my upgrade. The the 703’s I had for years served me well. They did not go low (really nothing at that price point will do that well). If the big 800’s are out of your range, the 700’s with some hifi subs are great. But you have many options, enjoy the search!

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New member here. Still waiting for my NUC to arrive so I can build my music server but I thought I’d chime in as a Benchmark owner (AHB2, LA4, DAC3 B). I recently purchased a pair of Paradigm Persona 5Fs as an upgrade from KEF LS50. I am really enjoying the pairing quite a lot. I also use an SVS SB16 Ultra to fill out the bottom end. At the moment I am just running the sub in parallel to the 5Fs and not using the sub’s crossover.


I use a pair of Revel F208 with a pair of AHB2s.

I’m starting to think a speaker upgrade is justifiable, but when I got the Benchmark amps last November I told my wife it was the last Hifi purchase I would ever need. Haha

Yikes! That’s an ‘own goal’! :wink:

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Yes, I know. I just ordered $200 worth of cables to try the Benchmarks in a vertical bi-amp configuration.

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B&W 802 D3, a single AHB2 drives them beautifully. I asked Benchmark if a second AHB2 for a dual mono setup would be desirable: “just 6db louder” was the answer. I really admire their honesty, the AHB2 is an exceptional amp (and B&W make exceptional speakers).

Hehe, that’s just the sort of answer I’ve come to expect from Benchmark! Upselling doesn’t seem to exist in their culture.