What to do with CDs once ripped...?

(Peter Gaulke) #21

Two thoughts - Jewell Sleeves!!! Check them out. All my CDs are in them and they take up a fraction of the space.

Second, what happens when a new format for sound comes along and we all want to convert to that? Might be good to have the source discs. Or, when a new Roon device comes along and we want to give that a whirl. Again, nice to have the source material.

I also play CDs in the car.

(Mr Fix It ) #22

Pile them up in a tower and thread an RGB LED light up the middle and use a lamp wile still being available to use as a last resort and not breaching any copyrights.

(Larry) #23

After ripping around two thousand CDs, I stored them at my mom’s house. Space is at a premium in New York City where I live, she has more space in the suburbs. I got rid of the jewel cases a long time ago and stored them in sleeves so they don’t take up that much space.

As an aside, I think well designed box sets are more interesting to own than individual CDs and they’re more economical. I bought the Bach333 set and it is amazing, with two hardcover books, a complete BWV catalog, and printed librettos for all of the cantatas. I ripped all two hundred and twenty two CDs but will keep those physical copies to play once in a while after my Accuphase CD player comes back from the repair shop.

(Bruce Moore) #24

Still undecided, and still have racks and drawers full of them. very rarely play one. There are a number of boats in our marina using them, dangling from rigging, to scare away gulls and great blue herons.


I keep them and have been referencing them to update pics and version info in Roon.

Those I can’t fit in cd shelves I have in standardized cardboard boxes stacked in closets.

I like having them although they are more a collectible with a digital twin in Roon that gets played.

(Pieter de Vries Robbé) #26

I have about 1500 normal CD’s stored away and only the SACD’s still available for listening through my Oppo D103.

(Larry Post) #27

Did you know you can use your 103 to rip the SACDs as well?

(Pieter de Vries Robbé) #28

Yes I know. But can I listen multichannel through Roon?



If you have a multichannel dac I’d believe you could.

(Adam Goodfellow) #30

As far as I know - we get the added tax on devices and media here (UK) too, but it is still illegal to make copies regardless, so we get hit doubly here (as usual in the UK). I have no idea if/how this tax on anything that could possibly be involved in ripping gets distributed - if at all. I don’t suppose the artists see any of it.

(Chris ) #31

My experience of artists in the UK and globally at division 1 of the grass roots is they have to tour and sell merch to make a living even if they get arts council funding. That’s CDs T shirts, Beanie Hats, Tote bags, badges, picks and on… The premier league seem to do ok.
At The lower league things are even harder.

This is actually good for artists as they have to pay their dues but it’s just so fragile and without support I’m not sure where new music will come from.

So my plea is for people to support the artists you enjoy however you can, every little helps, but if we rely on streaming alone things are looking bleak.

Support your local live venues, support your local music infrastructure in any capacity and don’t feel guilty about streaming also.

(Mike) #32

Get some large cases (for example: https://www.caselogic.com/en-us/us/products/cd_dvd/albums), throw away the jewel cases, and store them in the attic/loft/cellar.

(Dom) #33

Throwing away cases and storing, sounds so cruel. As a collector of Classical and opera - many come in nice boxes. Infact I often hunted down the versions with the boxes, instead of the new versions in primitive packaging. Sort of like books Hardcover vs softcover. But still the question what to do arises, should I move I will probably have to make space and live without my “babies” around. To be honest, since I started ripping years ago my cd player never gets used anymore. Just filling boxes would feel wrong, selling would be depressing - to think of the investment and the monetary return, except for obviously sought after items.
Well I guess I will pass that bride when I come to it.
But putting stuff in the cellar is moreless a step away from throwing stuff away. It just sits there waiting for the next stage, never being touched again.

(Mike) #34

lol, perhaps - it makes a huge difference to the overall bulk though…

At least you’ll have the chance to re-rip should something unfortunate happen.

(Miguel Rode) #35

Hi Evand and @pieterdvr, absolutely you can. I got the ExaSound e38 DAC late last year - a bit pricey but the best investment I’ve made in my audio system in a long time. Been ripping my SACDs with my Oppo player and integrating the rips into the rest of the library. The way the e38 seamlessly goes from stereo to multichannel and back is just fantastic.

Be aware that each SACD multichannel layer can be north of 5Gb once ripped. If you have a sizable collection it will add up fast :slight_smile:

(Dom) #36

Having all this in the cellar as a backup is a horrible thought - but I guess one day I will have to face it, when I move. Shame though…

(Mike) #37

@Squeezemenicely that looks fantastic, and it acts as effective acoustic room treatment. With a collection like that, I’d honestly just leave them right there - even if you only listen to the rips.

(Dan Herrmann) #38

I have all my CDs (over 2000) on CD spindles kept in a nice cool place (my basement).


I have mine in a combination of Case Logic folders and plastic storage bins. The folder or bin number is marked as a Roon ‘Tag’ so I can quickly retrieve it should it be necessary. I’m afraid to store mine in the garage or attic so they’re mostly stacked in a corner without most of the plastic.

(A Welshman, currently exiled in Hampshire) #40

Four of these hold our complete collection so far, they also have lids. Entire collection ripped in FLAC to my Innuos.