What to do with CDs once ripped...?

(Ralph Pantuso) #61

Exactly what is the difference, in technical terms not audiophile terms, between a “top level” streamer and a normal streamer?

(Darko.Audio contributor) #62


I’m tempted to say about £3k :grin:

Short answer is I don’t know, my focus would be on how it sounds rather than (just) the technical differences. Although the Pro-ject Stream Ultra I’m currently assessing has had particular attention paid to noise and jitter - it has at least 8 power supplies in it for example - and that is definitely flowing through into the sound.


(Mike) #63

That extra 1 or 2% of “bigger soundstage” can cost a lot of money. I don’t think any one thing is responsible, instead a combination of several well known factors. I’m amazed how good a raspberry pi can sound compared to streamers costing perhaps 100x more.

(Ralph Pantuso) #64

If the answer is based on “how it sounds” then a proper listening test is required. Maybe not double blind but at the very least blind since sighted listening tests are not too reliable. If a blind listening is not possible and measurements prove inconclusive then the sonic differences cannot be truly claimed, you know good old “expectation bias

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Let me gently point out that none of this is helping us figure out what to do with CDs once ripped! No, no, don’t throw things…

(Mike) #66

True. Oops.

(Mike) #67

I sold several hundred cd’s for silly money, just to make space, and seriously regretted it about 5 minutes later. I’m keeping what I have left forever!

(Ralph Pantuso) #68

Okay here’s one - CDs from box sets make for great matching drink coasters.


I also sold my collection for peanuts but don’t regret it, though I did keep a handful of SACD & DVD-A titles & still have a few dozen LPs but no turntable – LOL.

Yeah, there were likely a few gems in the mix that I maybe should’ve kept but in the end I don’t miss moving 4 large boxes around, and the extra space gained in our storage room was a god-send.

I’ll never acquire (“collect”) physical media again. No CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray or whatever else comes down the road.

(Martin Kelly) #70

Like you, i’ve I’ve kept my SACD collection, but got rid of everything ELSE that I can rip easily, CD’s etc
PLUS in my system at least, the streamed files sound much better than the CD’s, although this is obviously very source-dependant. My SACD player is a Denon DCD-A100, and NOT an Esoteric K-03X!
I sold my CD’s online. Got peanuts for them, but a whole double cupboard back in return. Worth it IMO.

(Ged) #71

I keep them just in case if catastrophic failure. Also I have to keep all my wife’s CDs as she refuses to use any non physical means apart from her iPod shuffle, which I have to update…

(Dan Herrmann) #72

I thought it wasn’t “legal” to keep a rip after a CD had been sold. I could certainly be wrong, but that’s one of the reasons I have 2400 CDs on spindles in a closet.

(Ged) #73

That’s the case in the UK. Very unlikely to ever be tested but that’s one of the reasons I keep mine.


George may disagree on that. George Orwell. :grinning:

(Mike) #75

I don’t think you’re even legally allowed to rip CD’s in the UK if you want to get technical about it.

(Ged) #76

That’s probably true, we were in a short window before industry interests got it reversed. As if ripping CDs is their major problem…

(Dom) #77

Yesterday a friend came to dinner and gave me a CD as a belated birthday gift. I believe this was the first time I used my CDplayer in years, I really had to search for the play button, because I had no idea where it was anymore. So in other words, it shows I will probably never put on a CD again. I have still not completed my quest to rip all my CDs, but made a point of, if I want to listen to something I have to rip it first, that way hoping to speed up the process.
I am keeping my CDs in the livingroom and will do so for the predictable future.

Just one thought - Magnetical warfare :sunglasses: theoretically the greatest weapon to really get everything to standstill, would be a giant magnetic field. Everything would be lost, nothing at all would work anymore. So sitting in the middle of the chaos, I could pop a CD into my player and listen to music, well hopefully still having electricity. :wink: Just joking, nothing to get paranoid about.
But it is worth a thought. Allways good to have physical media as the ultimate backup. But in general, just really make as many backups as you can and store them at different locations, shit does happen! Ripping and grooming can take years, shame to loose it.

(Ralph Pantuso) #78

Did you forget about CD rot ? :cry: