What type/size are the Nucleus‘ black screws?

Looks as if I‘ve lost one of the black screws that hold the Nucleus together. Does anybody know what type/ size these screws are?


Can you remove another and go to hardware store for a match?

Not at the moment. Corona lockdown…all of these shops are closed.

Not the screws for fixing the internal storage (SSD). I mean the screws on the outside of the Nucleus.

My apologies for misreading your question @MatDe . Sorry, I am not familiar with this type of screw. Hopefully someone from roon support can chime in with a more accurate answer.

No worries @jb76 ! I appreciate that you took the time to support!
And…now I know what kind of screws are needed for the internal storage…just in case I should lose one of them, too. :wink:

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Hey @MatDe,

So sorry it took this long to get back to you on this. We’re working our way to replying to everyone that’s opened a thread in the support category. It’s taking us longer than we had hoped :pleading_face:

The screws used on the chassis are 5mm length, 3mm thread diameter, flat head/countersunk.

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 12.11.01 PM

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Hi @beka ,

No worries. Thanks for your help!

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