What's coming in Roon OS 2.0 (not Roon 2.0, but Roon OS 2.0)?

It is only a dream or really a new version of rock is on the way? When?

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The very first post in this thread mentions a plan for “later this year”, but I wouldn’t take that as a hard and fast commitment to a delivery date, if I were you.

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why they don’t give us some updates every months… I installed rock some days ago… and I find that it is too essential … too much,

I‘d also like to see tools to reduce power consumption, such as:

  • timed startup/shutdown
  • autosleep
  • autostart on power restoration
    With the nucleus hidden in a server box in the basement, such tools will help to reduce electrical energy consumption (but will reduce my health, as I won’t exercise on the basement staircase any more…)

This can be enabled in a NUC(leus)’s bios, it’s a bios function. I’ve done it, it works.

  1. Press F2 on keyboard during start up to go inside BIOS
  2. Click Advance > Power > Secondary Power Settings > After Power Failure
  3. Select Power On under After Power Failure
  4. Press F10 on keyboard to save the changes and exit BIOS
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Many thanks for the tip, will try!
:grinning: :+1:

I will test this out… we had a power cut the other day and I panicked when my newly set up Rock could not be found. Will check out the Bios settings to allow res-starting after a power outage…

I have started to use the native Dropbox interface for backing up my Roon database and, while slow for the first one, has worked great incrementally. I am hard parked at having an off-site repository.

I’d like to see a native Dropbox interface for backing up my entire music library. (Mine is about 1.2TB on an internal Nucleus SSD.) Of course, I’d use Selective Sync to prevent the library from being copied to my desktop or laptop under normal circumstances. But in the ultimate disaster scenario I’d still have an online copy of my library.

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@mikeb :smile: Your tip setting the autostart option in the BIOS has worked beautifully (and was the opportunity to update the Nuc’s BIOS at the same time). The possibility to shutdown the server through its web-interface, together with a WiFi-enabled power switch, I now have an energy-saving system to run the Roon Rock server only when needed. It still would be nice if the Roon OS 2.0 offered an option of scheduled up-/down-times.

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Schedule reboot. When search etc is slow (stuck) a reboot normaly fix it. I asume I will have less isses with a weekly reboot,or?

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It sounds like you are using your wifi power switch to turn off your Rock? Even with Roon server software not running, you could corrupt the file system by doing this. Instead, choose Power Off in the web interface (upper right).

Why?, a NUC consumes very little power and Is always available.

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Hi Bob
In fact there are EU regulations for that electronic products with network connections should be able to go in to sleep mode (an use very littel power).
The NUC fulfill the requirements but with Rock on it, it does not.
This regulations are there to save CO2 emission, and we are actually saving a lot in total due to these kind of regulations.
Your argument could be used for any of these products… but in total the savings are huge.
Now you know :slight_smile:

Technically, as Rock is software and not a product in itself, then there are no legal problem… but eg the Roon Nucleus would have to comply.

Besides power consumption the life expectancy is longer if sleep mode is available for most setups.

And why not provide the option?
What would it hurt?


I do agree with you but I’m not sure how sleep mode would work with regards to the operation of rock/ roon.

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@mikeb That‘s exactly what I am doing: on the iPad which I use
to run Roon, I have written two shortcuts:

  • the first on switches on the WiFi-controlled (HomeKit) power plug, which launches the Nuc-server, and then starts the Roon software.

  • the second script first turns of the Nuc by calling the link http://rock.local/1/poweroff, then (after a delay) turn off the power plug.

I have measured that my Nuc consumes some 10 W energy when sitting idle, thus switching it off when not used saves a little bit.


+1 on the VPN Tunneling. I think that’s the most important thing that many of us needs.