Whats filling up / on my server?


I have a debian based dedicated headless roon server administered via webmin

The OS (/) is on a 56G SSD and /home and all the music is mounted on a 4T RAID

Just recently I’m getting '/ is full errors" and roon crashes

Given that only roon is running, and it has been fine for a good year or so, what might be clogging up / ?

Any ideas ??:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How many tracks do you have?

Check your / partition size and also your log directories. Roon is very verbose in its logging. I have set my Roon logs up to be written to /tmp and flush them nightly. Also, backups are quite large. I use tar rather than Roon backups and each full is about 7GB for my library (about 5000 albums).

Cleared out the logs and backups and have enough to work with now


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