Whats happened to Roon Radio now?

Its gone from repetitive to just completely out of whack.

I played Maar by Evpatoria Report, kind of pretty heavy ‘post rock’ music, instrumental.

The next rack from radio: Ian Moss, Georgia on my mind!

Played Pink floyd, endless river, it was followed by Always by Jon Bon Jovi?

Whats going on here?


As an experiment I tried the last track on Maar by Evpatoria Report, and at the end of it I got a ‘Nothing similar to play’ message and playback stopped.
The problem with Roon Radio is that when it does break, I’m not sure anyone at Roon notices? I may be mistaken and they are on the case, who knows.

Pink Floyd Endless River was followed by Whiter Shade Of Pale by Santana & Stevie Winwood, so somewhat more successful.


I played Frank Zappa, Waka Jawaka, roon radio followed this with comfortably numb, Pink Floyd :laughing:

It may be time to acknowledge the so called roon AI need to be put out to pasture, tap into tidals play next feature, that works.


This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t use streaming accounts with Roon, and I love what Roon Radio does with my local collection. It’s the surest way for me to get a shuffle that meets my current listening mood.


As far as I know, without streaming it’s just shuffle, no? It’s limited to your library, of course, so assuming that your library contains music you like, it would more often than not play that

What if I don’t have TIDAL or Qobuz?

If you don’t have a streaming service-connected in Roon you can still use Roon Radio. In this case, Roon Radio will be limited to your local library and does not take advantage of our machine learning technology. We recommend using TIDAL or Qobuz for the best Roon Radio experience.

Quote from:

Edit: There is/was apparently some algorithm but random shuffle is also an algorithm in the strict sense. Now idea how much it differs:


Yes but it’s a shuffle with brains. If I finish an album from Wire, it’s not going to play my Bach or Tchaikovsky or Christmas music. It’s going to play post-punk mixed in with other British music, and maybe some other next-level things from that. It does a very good job of that!


Well normal service has been resumed. It was fun for a while but back to rotating Who, The Doors, Santana and David Bowie, because its Roon Radio.

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No, not a shuffle. There was years of Roon tweaking the selection algorithm before things moved to Valence. And, prior to Valence it did incorporate streaming sources.

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I just started Pink Floyd radio and the first track it played was by Eurythmics, followed by Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze of Glory.

Still as rubbish as always.


Well and here I go - this afternoon I finished listening to “Echo & the Bunnymen” self-titled (1987) and Roon Radio on ARC followed up with the following as I was driving around town:

…Ironically first followed by Wire. Is somebody at Roon HQ trying to be funny with me today!!! :rofl:

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I mostly agree with that, though I haven’t tried “radio” in quite a while. I detest shuffle, especially with classical albums, which is most of my listening, but Roon Radio honors classical compositions. Though one time, in the early days of Roon, I put something baroque on, probably Bach, maybe a concerto, and "Radio followed it with the complete Mass in B Minor, followed by the complete Handel Messiah. Two works, covering about 5 hours. I really thought that was cheating! (but I played along). I’m sure it has gotten more sophisticated now. For background music radio is fine (either Roon or old school) but when I sit down to listen it’s usually something very specific.

I too have not been bitten by the streaming bug.

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@Gareth_Irwin Thanks for the heads up - there was a bug here that prevented radio starts on this artist.

This particular issue should be addressed now.


It is not even in the same galaxy as Spotify’s. TIDAL has gotten so much better but ROON bypasses the system for their own, which is my biggest gripe with Roon Because it is simply ludicrous at putting together a list of similar songs.


If you guys this Roon Radio sucks, you must not subscribe to Quboz - its algorithm to mix songs is absolutely horrible. I don’t subscribe to Tidal so I can speak to it, but I find Roon Radio pleasant, although it could be improved.

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For me. Tidal radio is without comparison infinitely better than Qobuz and I think better than Roon. With Roon radio, there’s always a moment when the proposals seem to go off the rails.
For classical music Spotify and Apple Music are pretty good, the others are average or even bad.

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When I started using Roon (a couple of years ago) it seemed that if I used Roon Radio with allowing choices from Tidal, I would get random albums / artists added to my library without me asking. I restricted Roon Radio to my library and this stopped happening.

In this mode the selection is fine however I only get through 4/5 artists and then those artists repeat over and over.

Maybe I will try allowing access to Tidal and Qobuz again and see if it allows more variation in artist.

Hi Mike, how were you able to make Roon Radio only use local files?

See Pic

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Thanks, I don’t have that option though, just the explicit one, I’m on 2.0 build 1311 which is apparently production…Maybe the option only shows if you have a music service configured as I don’t have any configured right now (because Radio on streaming annoyed me lol)?

Of course, if you have no streaming service then you are only playing your local music.