What's the average time it takes to get a reply from Roon support?

I just want to level set my expectations as it seems like a long wait to get replies but I have no point of reference.

Does Roon track and share their metrics?


Infinite time, as sometimes they don’t actually respond, either because the issue is resolved by community members, or the OP themselves, or they just miss it. So an average is not really relevant??

I am sure they have a tracking method but I have never seen them share any metrics on this and I would not expect them to anytime soon.

If you have an issue, post it “properly and thoroughly” in the support section and it will have a higher chance of someone getting to it.

It depends on whether there is a recent release that support is, inevitably it seems, fighting fires about.

Many times your problem will be resolved by the community of people that have been thru it before or you can tag support

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Thanks. I just can’t seem to find a rhyme or reason to what they choose to reply to or not, even when I’m posting details of the issue. I watched a thread the other day about about Android w ARC and people were posting questions and issues, I replied with a question and it felt like I had cleared the room.

Two posts in the last two weeks into the support section with details, no reply. I’d appreciate an acknowledgement at a minimum and some sense of a follow up time.

Am I expecting too much?


I hear you on fighting fires, I have no doubt they are busy. Am I being a pain by replying to my own post once a week and asking for help? I don’t want to pester either, hence why I wonder about response time.

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No, you are not expecting too much, and you should be a pest about it until you get your issue resolved. We have a saying in Engineering, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” In other words, and somewhat unfortunately, it’s the loudest voice that, most of the time, gets the attention… :sweat_smile:

So keep at it, and hopefully you will eventually get a resolution. Whether it’s, “here’s the solution” or “there is no solution at this time” remains to be seen.

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I think it can take one week, two weeks, three weeks, and maybe even four weeks. My personal opinion is that Roon Support is understaffed, but I don’t know that.

As has already been posted, it depends to a large degree on how busy they are. Following a new release, about every two weeks or so, they are really busy. I think they probably triage issues somehow so they first go after those that affect the most users or are most difficult to solve.

Roon support does not spend their limited resources “hand-holding.” You probably won’t hear from them until your issue reaches the front of their queue.

Part of their strategy, I think, is to let other customers solve issues when and where they can. After all, most issues aren’t terribly unique and there are plenty of knowledgeable customers who enjoy hanging out here and helping each other.

Of course, Roon could add more support personnel, but they don’t come free. Most of us rarely or never have issues, so do we really want to pay more for those who do?

Everything I have said here is just my opinion. I could be totally wrong.


Gosh @Jim_F , somehow this has a familiar ring to it…….can’t put my finger on it though :wink:

I don’t know, but I may have made a similar post “over there.” It’s the same situation, I think. But again, just opinion.

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Don’t hold your breath on your diagonal remote :joy:

But seriously you’re on the money about the big updates / new releases (ARC) for example, it’s a tough upstream swim for a bit for both teams.

@beka got me sorted out well……my Christmas gift has arrived early I suppose.

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I got a second lifetime subscription to Roon for my Christmas. I told my wife not to get me anything else, not that she would anyway. My family knows not to buy me any “objects.” Food is OK.


Thanks all! I’ll be squeakier and try to be patient. I do understand that the community model is helpful in resolving issues, I’ve weighed in to offer support myself a few times, but I guess I’ve hit an unlucky streak of impossible issues! :slight_smile:

As a lifetime subscriber myself I’ll say the good far outweighs the bad and I’m just frustrated when my system isn’t operating at 100%. When I do finally hook someone (looking at you now @beka !) they are always helpful.

I will persist!


My family sends me food or makes me food as bait to get me to come get it… I guess they want me to visit more often? :slight_smile:


I have been invited for a “food collection” on Sunday with my family. :joy:


Only if the weather is nice and you bring the Victory with you.

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That sounds correct to me. It’s kind of weird.

Most expensive music software in the world.

Tech support responsibility abdicated to user base in most cases.

No way to actually contact staff unless it’s a money issue.

Not even an intern logging tickets and letting people know they’re in the queue.

Sometimes weeks without response.

Claim to be very busy at update time… but they know when that time is and could staff up.

Sometimes strangely dismissive and borderline rude when talking directly to customers.


I suspect it’s a hidden effect, react slowly and the Community will chip in before you need to get involved.

That said there are many users who frequent this forum who have been using Roon for many years (6 in my case) and can shed a lot of light on issues before in depth “Log Bashing” is required.

In a lot of cases a reboot solves the issue , why are people so hesitant to turn it off and turn it on again ? Personally I have no choice but to power down my kit far too regularly BUT I have had very few if any issues on either my Windows 10 or ROCK setups.

Roon’s support is geared around the forum self help so log a support post with all the relevant detail and you will probably get a solution way before support gets around to it

I think the type of support request also plays into it and the OP’s responses to the community suggestions.
This is purely my personal opinion :slightly_smiling_face:

Most likely to get a response. First off posting in the support area and not just randomly somewhere in the forum…

Roon isn’t working at all (criticality), the OP gave all the information that they could about their system and the fault (definition); it’s obvious the OP has tried everything the community has suggested (responsiveness)

The downgrades on response from there are in alignment with the criticality, definition and responsiveness. (Not forgetting that roon support miss quite a few posts)

So posters that have a mostly working system or haven’t given details or won’t try to fix it are lower in the queue.

Bottom of the pile being the likes of
“Something badly defined isn’t working, you should know what system I have and I only want to talk to roon staff not you forum losers.” (A compendium of often stated attitudes :grin:)

But being realistic Roon provides you with Software only, so are only responsible for bugs.
Lots of people expect support of the full installation and Roon don’t cover what you decided to run your core on, your network configuration etc, etc, but that’s the type of thing you see on the forum.


I would argue that, since their software is far more sensitive to network quirks (less robust) than literally anyone else’s software, there is a certain amount of responsibility to make that very clear and provide some troubleshooting help. There are documents in the KB which roughly outline some of the requirements, but as far as I know, there isn’t a problem/solution matrix anywhere.

I’ve long thought that there should be a network analysis tool built into Roon, since the user’s network causes the most problems mention here (I think).