What's the least expensive Roon endpoint?

Well, I tend to use old Android phones as quick and dirty portable endpoints for powered speakers. Just load Android Roon, uncheck the Private output box and plug the powered speakers into the headphone jack. Bingo.


That’s a pretty good idea–thx.

This is the speaker I had in mind. It has an optical input, so I guess I could use an Airport Express and a toslink to optical cable, or get a sonicorbiter and go optical to optical. As you can see this also does bluetooth but I’m trying to avoid that.

CuBox and Pi/Digi+ have optical out. Also this Odroid and shield.

Excellent. I’d also love to be able to use my USB DACs and headphone setup. I’ll have to think on that one a little bit. Perhaps an android phone with micro USB out?

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This $7.99 nanopi endpoint has to be the least expensive. Chris reported problems with 352kHz and 128DSD but fine under that.

Edit: Actually I see that 64DSD had DAC dependent issues also.

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What do people do with these sorts of things, find some sort of plastic enclosure, or do they get too hot and need to be exposed? Seems to me if it was exposed dust would short it out. Thx!

On the site linked in Chris’s review there is a heat sink that can be attached. No doubt there will be cases in due course. I think this became available on 6 July or thereabouts. Until then, a matchbox ?

Yes, preferably with the matches still inside :).

So, this Marshall amp with an optical input and a currently nonfunctioning bluetooth. My plan is to add a DIY RoonReady module. Since the amp does have an optical input, we need an optical output. I could tape an airport express on the top, but I’m sure you know I’m past that at this point. I’d like to have a wifi to ethernet adapter with an external antenna, then ethernet to the myriad devices you mention above, (still have decided which one) and then optical digital out to digital input. I guess there’s a DAC inside this Marshall speaker, so we’ll get beyond that for now. Those things sound killer and I suspect it would be a major pain in the ass to replace the DAC, unless there’s a box on the inside that says “DAC, remove me.” :slight_smile:

Do you guys have any recommendations for a wifi to ethernet adapter? External antenna and the smaller the better.

Thx again!

If I buy something like the PI/DIgi (+) here:


And then get a wifi to ethernet adapter like this:

Do you think I can connect it to the optical input on the Marshall speaker and make it work as a Roon endpoint?

Also, I’m a little unclear if I need the digi + AND the raspberry pi, or just the digi +

Thx in advance.

The Digi+ sits on top of the Pi, you need both for optical output.

Never used a WiFi-Ethernet adaptor. Looks expensive compared to a WiFi USB dongle like this.. You can get them with an external antenna also.

The Pi3 has built in wifi which has worked well for some users.

So, a Pi3 will have wifi and an optical out if I add the Digi (+). That’s an option, and perhaps the best so far. I’ll take some screen shots tomorrow to see what I’m rigging up.

Thanks guys and gals!

Have a look at eBay for the Digi+ board. They are very well made copies of the Hifiberry product.
Mine is working splendid and have even got a galvanic isolation on the electrical SPDIF output.
Heres an example:

This one includes a case with the necessary height for the Pi and HAT.

I suppose when I say “optical output” I could use toslink. Other than the airport express what would you recommend that has a toslink out?

I would say CuBox, there is an issue with the optical port being a bit narrow that can create issues for some cables. A cheap right angle adaptor can solve the issue. The Pi/Digi+ also has an optical out.

The Squeezebox Touch is also a very reasonable solution, if you can find one.

I use the Squeezebox Touch with USB out. I find the USB to be less bright than the optical with a little more detail through my Dragonfly. It’s a nice sound.

Anyone looking for Squeezebox Touch players, I have two still factory sealed and another that’s been functioning as a Roon endpoint for a kitchen radio.

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I’ve been looking on ebay for a touch to add teh EDO mod and stream 24/192. PM me.

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I’m about to take off from JHB for London, back home Thu. Will send pm in morning when I’ve arrived.