What's the origin of the name Roon?

I’m curious, what is the origin of the company and product name?

I am a huge fan of the double letter O in English words. Sooloos was my pet project back in the late 90s. When we had to come up with a new name post-Meridian, I went looking for more OO words. Roon was suggested by a good friend of ours, Andrew Skey, who incidentally did the industrial design for the original Sooloos line of products as well. We liked it, and ran with it. The “Labs” part only came due to domain name availability :-/


Interesting relation between the name and the logo.

I just found out that according to the WEBSTER dictionary Roon is a scotish word for round, like the logo and the double oo’s referred to in another discussion.

It might just be a coincidence, or not…



Excellent and you’re the COO of ROON no less.

The only way is up - POOTUS.


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Tried. Couldn’t resist.

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This might be simple for Americans but… What is the meaning of the word ‘Roon’? I can’t find it in any dictionary. According to the logo I guess it has to do with the colour of sunset. Or am I wrong? Can I find it somewhere in the support page?
Just curious :grinning:
Robert (from Holland).

Danny gave the reason for the name back in 2015:

Thanks Geoff!
I still wonder about the sunset logo though.

OK, maybe not a sunset after all…

You mean the Jellyfish? I just interpret it to be a loudspeaker and soundwaves…

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A fish … :tropical_fish:

The logo is just sound waves emanating from a speaker, but some people refer to it as a jellyfish. Sunset is as good as anything, I guess. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve read somewhere that roon is a red/orange color. That’s how I came up with the sunset. Unfortunately I can’t confirm this definition.

The jellyfish leaves a lot of ROON for interpretation…:joy:

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Black Sun … that must be a Heavy Metal band…


Yeah, and we’re all “roonmates”…:rofl: