What's With The User Interface?

Usability, untidyness - part of the same problem

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I don’t understand the question.

Otherwise known as the trashcan. Have seen way too many feature requests completely ignored for too many years to believe there’s any point posting a feature request. Even bugs don’t get fixed.

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Huh? You’ve only been a member for a couple of months.

You hate the way Roon works and you don’t believe in posting any Feature Requests, so it seems your whole purpose on this forum is to vent some spleen.


I thought Roon was talking about a major UI change a couple of years ago and they probably are working on it still.

To me, Roon looks basically as it did 5 years ago with just some tinkering around the edges. Even though I generally don’t like change, I am ready for a new look Roon.

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Too much going on on one screen for me Mike. Although that’s just because I am used to Roon.

I do think there are inconsistencies in the Roon UI and some things don’t make sense. It could do with a home button that takes you straight back to the album layout and I will never get used to the horizontal paging. I would love to see PDF viewing integrated directly into the now playing view so that you could view and scroll through an album booklet directly within Roon.

Overall I like the look of the Roon UI, I think it strikes a good balance between a classic quality looking piece of software without following the really bland look that iTunes now sports. Many of the competitors I have looked don’t improve on anything in my personal opinion, I don’t mind Audirvana but I think its plainly derivative.

Roon definitely need to work on their marketing for the website, I think many older users don’t understand that this is supposed to be a “searchable, surfable magazine” and have a “glossy” feel to it. It is not going to ever look like “normal” software. Try reading an digital magazine (I subscribe to Enduro magazine), in many ways it feels similar to Roon, which is obviously what the Roon team are going for. If you cant get your head around this then you are definitely in the wrong place.

As for an abomination? WTF? How on earth can you be serious about that comment?

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Using Roon and referencing the forum for troubleshooting doesn’t mean you’re forced to participate in the forum, it’s open for anyone to read and search, logged in or not. I registered here because some issues cannot be resolved on the user end and require support intervention. Doesn’t make my views and experiences any less valid than that of those seemingly on here 24/7/365 under the illusion you’re custodians.


I am, to use your colloquialism it’s a FN shambolic mess riddled with inconsistency and half-baked and poorly implemented ideas that serves only to deliver a frustrating, overly repetitive UX for all but the most basic interaction.

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I absolutely love the user interface: easy to navigate, responsive and focus, bookmarks and tags make the task of finding the music I want so easy.


It was worth the money to me just to have all my album photos except a couple of rare ones displayed Automatically unlike iTunes that resembled a blotchy teenager as it probably failed to find about 10 percent. I’m easily pleased I guess.

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I would love for you to give us a thorough breakdown of the above. I expect Roon themselves would be very interested in what you have to say. I would especially like to know what exactly makes it a “shambolic mess”.

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I’ve been using Roon for just over a year now, and I love it :heart_eyes:

Whenever I start the remote app on my iPad, I feel like a little kid all over again, who’s about to go digging in his father’s record collection. It’s that sense of discovery all over again.

The closet feeling I have, is that using Roon feels like ‘coming home’?


Likely about as interested as they are in resolving longstanding bugs and feature requests. Many have provided feedback about the UI, there are many posts covering this ground, they’ve been roundly ignored.


Yes but I’m interested in you giving us all a thorough appraisal and breakdown of why it is a “shambolic mess”.

Or are you one of those people who can only complain about and criticise everything whilst doing nothing to help anyone or ever give constructive feedback.

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Cummon fanboys. The UI is pretty bad. What you want to call it is up to any individual. There are so many inconsistancies and weird layouts, that what I described above just scratches the surface and would at least get something started

Roon is indeed not very reactive. Not just on this. Probably could do with some serious external inspiration to get things moving again.

I was waiting for the infantile “fanboys” remark.

Though I guess I am a fanboy, I mean I enjoy using Roon for the most part (despite the inconsistencies that even I would like to see fixed), I pay for the software so I must be a fan of it, I would have to be plain stupid to pay for something I think is a shambolic mess, wouldn’t I?

And I guess I feel I have a stake in Roon’s success, if they go out of business due to bad management or not listening to the right complainers, that’s those who give constructive criticism, then I won’t benefit from using the software anymore and I will have to once again use something that I am less happy with (but at least free).

I am coming up on my three year anniversary of when I bought my Roon lifetime license. I am not a fanboy. I have no problem calling out Roon when I see fit. The Roon UI could certainly be made better. But, it is not pretty bad. It is actually pretty darn good. Especially when you compare it to most any other program out there. I sure hope Roon is working on improvements to the UI. I hope they are massive improvements. Saying that the Roon UI is pretty darn good does not mean I think Roon should rest on their laurels. Roon must continue to innovate and improve the user experience.

No, you just have one bone to pick with Roon after another. Roon could cure cancer and you would find something about that in which to complain.


All progress depends on the unreasonable man.
(George Bernard Shaw)

Or: If you cook in your breeding internal for too long you’re gonna die. Many of us are here because there is nothing better around. Doesnt mean that what is around is good. Or as somebody said elsewhere: In the land of the blind, the one-eyed is king.

Russian proverb:

Just because something can be improved upon does not mean, as it exists, it is bad…

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Thats why Russia is way behind…