What's your favorite Roon Remote device..and why?

Pretty straight forward I think.

I’m just curious as my choice of Remote was not rated highly by some other people and now I’m intrigued as to what everyone else uses.

My Android phone is my weapon of choice.
It’s getting on a bit now, maxed out on Android 10 but is perfect size for myself.

I use it for probably 95% of the time as Remote and same for this forum.

The only things I can’t do is edit albums and adjust DSP settings. But as I upsample everything to DSD 512 or turn it off for mqa that’s easy done on the phone.
I like the keyboard compared to say my iPad mini4 and it’s absolutely rock solid.
No crashes, no scrolling issues, great battery life, I do all the updates directly from it.

It’s just perfect size for me and really comfortable to use.

So how about you?:wink:


I find phones to be too small. I use a 5th generation iPad now but do plan on getting a new iPad soon with a larger and better screen.

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My Dell XPS 15 laptop. I use it about 99 percent of the time.

iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPad Mini 6th Gen, and iPad 8th Gen on occasions.

Maybe I am an outlier after all :sunglasses:

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As long as they work it’s a favourite. :joy::joy:

But prefer to use the iPad Air over the iPhone as it pretty much gives me all the functionality with a much better screen/UI experience. Also works extremely well in grouping my bedroom set up and as the end point in the lounge room connected to the Rotel Amp and B&W Speakers.

That will basically fill the house with a nice wall of sound when Mrs Ferg is not here.


iPad, best balance of portability and Roon usability among my various gadgets.


Web Extensions. I know… someone will say “It’s not running Remote”. Still my favourite controller by far.


Pretty much 100% of the time it’s my M1 MacBook pro - if I’m listening music I’m often mucking around on the web or doing bits and pieces of work that doesn’t require full concentration, so it’s ideal. The M1s have fantastic battery life and don’t get hot, so it really is genuinely a laptop :nerd_face:.


M2 MacBook Air. I like the hardware buttons for control and a real keyboard to type on.


iPhone 13 max pro and iPad 12.9" only for conveniences occasionally, screens are too small, but still read-able, real remote is running on M1 MacBook Pro 16, and I am thinking of getting a Dell XPS 17".

I’m also in the MacBook Pro camp. Have it open on the sofa armrest while I’m reading. One of the things I really enjoy about Roon is being able to readily see the title of what’s playing; if it catches my ear, can look to see if there’s PDF’s or reviews on that selection/artist. It’s also very convenient to FF or change volume.

MacBook Pro for me as well.

16“ M1 MacBook Pro. Roon 2 (Apple Silicon native) really improves an almost perfect experience as well.

iPhone. Always was. Never changed. I try every now and then the iPad but keep finding it too clumsy and not comfortable for the purpose.


iPhone 14 Pro Max here, i even consider returning my 256GB to replace it with a 1TB just to have enough room for downloads for listening with Roon ARC on the go. Plus ocassionally i use a M1 MacBook Pro with Roon 2.0.

Most of the time I’m listening to music on my desktop PC in my study, so I use Roon Remote on Windows 11. When I’m listening to music elsewhere in the house, I’ll use Roon Remote on my Surface Duo 2 (Android).

Dead Simple my iPad Pro 12.9 .

Bought specifically to remote for Roon. Never leaves the side of my chair , its wi fi only so no use outside the house. Definitely a dedicated device.

I also use an old iPad Mini in the kitchen and on the patio , and when at my desk I still use Roon via Windows 10 to the PC speakers. My Android phone has Roon installed but its just too small to practically use for these old decrepit paws :smiling_imp:

BUT the iPad Pro 12.9 is just MAGIC and BIG !!!


Well bugger…lol
Not one single Android phone to be seen :confused:

  1. Android phone (house wide)
  2. IMac (office)
  3. Adroid tablet (when battery low on phone)
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I sometimes use my Pixel 4XL. But usually only when I can’t find my tablet.

Actually use an Amazon Fire HD10+. I got it on a black Friday deal when my iPad died.

Works amazingly well.

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