When I replaced the included usb cable from my Chord Hugo TT2 dac to my iMac with a Curious Evolved usb cable Roon no longer recognizes the dac

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Usb cable that came with my Chord Hugo TT2 worked perfectly but Roon fails to recognize the dac when replacing this cable with a Curious Evolved usb

Obviously, a cable as evolved and advanced as this will not lower itself to work with something as pedestrian an an iMac. You need at least a Taiko to plug it into.

Seriously, use a $5 USB cable from Office Depot (or your local equivalent) that actually conforms to USB standards, and all should be well.


Personally, I’d go back to using the cable that came with your DAC.


It sounds like either your new USB cable is defective, or not built to proper usb audio specs. I’d return it.

FWIW, I also have the Chord Hugo TT2 and have used the Supra USB cables (both standard and Excalibur versions) with no issues. Those are the highest I would spend on any upgrade USB cable but really Rob Watts, the DAC designer has stated that the USB input is optimized well galvanically, etc. that you do not need any special USB cable. Just any standard one is fine.


What a waste of $600.


Curious-ly enough the cable I stole from my Oma’s printer works perfectly fine.

John, returning that cable and getting a refund would be the best option. Do your due diligence before going crazy with interconnection cables as ROI is bad in the majority of cases.

Pretty clear evidence against the cable. Return (best) or have have it replaced.

My understanding is the Curious cable is not USB spec compliant, I think it was mentioned in this video: From about 5min in…USB Cables for Audio: Interview with Rob Woodland from Curious Cables - YouTube
Seems to be a mix of art and science… I.e. Designed by ear, trial and error.

I would try the cable on an alternate PC, if its not functioning, it could be a manufacturing issue. If you have a multimeter continuity test each pin.

I use an Oyaide Neo d+ Class A. Not the cheapest v’s generic, but its very well made and robust.

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Same goes for there Ethernet cable - recently I did ask them what CAT standard they where using: “We don’t use standards”



Case closed.



The most honest statement of snake oil hijinks one could ask for.

@John_Kardynalczyk, take a hint.

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That’s crazy.

Most amazing thing is that one could somehow think that this is a Roon problem in the first place.

Gotta admire Mr. Woodland’s chutzpah though!

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