When my album doesn't match the database

Hi, I am a new and very enthusiastic user. I am also dumb as a tree when it comes to digital audio. I have about 2000 classical albums, many of them multi-disc box set CDs that I ripped into FLAC files. Most of the time Roon recognizes the album when I add it, but sometimes I have to use “Identify Album” to find it. All but once or twice this has worked, though on occasion, I have had to modify track groupings and so on. Today I saw that one of the box sets - an opera with 3 discs - was unidentified. When I tried “Identify Album”, I saw my album in the first list that came up after I engaged that process. However, there were 12 tracks that did not match. Specifically, there appear to be 12 extra tracks on my album than on the one in the database, although it has the exact same cover art, and it’s a fairly well known recording. . I don’t want to “Save” it because I"m afraid of losing tracks. So my question is in two parts: First, if I want to identify the album with the ROON DB entry, how do I incorporate the extra tracks. Second, if I make a mistake, is there a way to revert to the original? Thanks in advance for any advice or to direct me to somewhere I can read up on this.


iMAC (late 2013) running EL CAPITAN, where I access my CORE library + NUMEROUS EXTERNAL DRIVES
MACBOOK PRO (also running EL CAP.): I set up a zone on this machine.
iPhone 6 PLUS: I set up a zone but haven’t attempted to use it yet.
DRAGONFLY-RED DAC - this is a new device, so I haven’t figured out all its potential, but I use it when listening to music on the iMac
About 2000 CDs (about 90% ripped to ALAC or FLAC so far)

I playback HI-RES audio files 4 ways so far:
(1) iMac using ROON
(2) OppoDigital BD-105 (playing back hi-res audiophiles from an external drive loaded with my music library;
(3) SONY Walkman (the $300 one)
(4) IPOD CLASSIC (160 gb) for 44/16 ALAC files.)

ROON - I have an annual subscription
ITUNES - (most recent version) - I don’t use iTunes as my main player anymore, but I do still need to have a way to sync my OS devices
XLD - for ripping CDs and for File Conversion
MAX - same

I have files in 4 different formats (including many duplicates at this point):
AAC (320 and 256 kps)
MP3 - (320 and 256)

Identify the album, and accept the Roon suggestion.

Then open the same album and select the edit metadata tab. At the bottom you need to tell Roon to prefer the files Title, Media number and Track number. This forces Roon to accept your files metadata.

If it goes wrong (which it shouldn’t) just identify the album again and don’t accept the suggestion. This should force Roon to revert back.


3rd option: look to see if Roon found the right album, and if it didn’t, click through to the list and scroll down. This is (for me) often necessary.

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