When Queuing Albums and the EQ

The EQ really annoys me. This is the only program I know of where you cannot adjust the EQ whilst listening. Instead it stops and restarts so it can take ages to get to where one wants. Can this be fixed?

When playing a queue of albums only the first album in the queue is shown writ large. The following ones are shown in a tiny box in bottom left hand corner. Surely this can be altered?

I still love Roon and these are the only two things that bug me.

Here is the queue, to which I just added 4 Chicago albums. The tiny box in the left hand corner is the album artwork of the currently playing album. Whare are you referring to?

The first album will show in the large part where the album phot and info appear. Never seen a Q looking like yours. The next albums in the Q qill show where your Chicago album shows.

I think you mean the now playing screen rather than the queue?

I think you nailed it. He’s looking at Now Playing and not the queue.

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Yes the ‘now playing’ screen. It hsows the album as it normally does but when the 2nd album in q starts, the first album stays on the big screen and the 2nd album shows only in the bottom left hand corner. One would think the large screen would automatically change. It sure can’t be that hard to have it happen.

Is no interested in the EQ or have I not that clear.

BTW my hnads are tyerrible today. I am doing my best to edit before send but not always successfully.

The EQ changes are probably something that Roon would have to answer.
My guess would be that as EQ is set and done in the server not in the endpoint like other applications that it requires a set point to resynch before it’s sent to possibly multiple endpoints.
Now playing. Post a screen shot if what yours looks like.

There is a second where the music pauses on EQ changes but IIRC it doesn’t stop and restart the track so that „it can take ages to get to where one wants“. I am not home to test on my rig but this doesn’t sound like normal behavior to me (if I understand correctly what has been described)

I think what he means is that the interrupts, interrupt the process rather than each interrupt being a long interruption.

Maybe :slight_smile: :man_shrugging:

I mean if I amke an udjustment to the EQ th music stops but restarts. This mkaes it hard to heear your changes. So it is pretty m uch guess work. I have it set how I like it now but one would have thought such an expensive program would have an easy way of adjusting the EQ.

I don’t underdtsand what is so difficult to understand about my writing.

Visitors is not playing, Hotcakes is. As you can see Hotcakes is in the tiny box down left on left whereas the album not playing is shown in the full screen with track titles. Surely as each album finishes, the big window should change?

The Visitors is showing in the album view, not the now playing view. The two are not related. If you want to bring up the album view on the album that is playing then you’ll need to navigate to that manually. The album view (or whatever else is showing on the main screen) does not change automatically, by design and for good reason.

On the EQ issue - the audio stream has to be released for any DSP change to be implemented. I have no idea whether or not this could be changed, but I am also pretty certain that there are no plans to do this. Of course, I may be wrong. :laughing:

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I can’t believe that the brains behind Roon can’t easily fix these two things.

Why would they fix something that works as intended?

If you click on the album in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, the album that is currently playing, it will bring you to the Now Playing section. This section will change when the album changes. The Album View section is for browsing albums while listening to music.


It’s not because it’s digital per se, but rather to do with the specific way that Roon handles audio transport. There’s plenty of digital DSP that works instantaneously, e.g. Peace Equalizer on APO.

Simply because I see it as a fault or laziness. It is the o ly programme I know that works this way. I accept it because i really like Roon. Just these two things bug me. Nothing else.

It might help if you understand I am disabled and I do all my Roon work via screen sharing from a Mac on my lap. It is a pain to have to move from my photgraphy work or sm fun to the shared screen to see what is now playing or make adjustments.

If I had made the program, I a could even begin to, I would make sure that if I have a load of albums in a Q the main screen would change when the album. It. an’t be rocket science. As for the DSP, or EQ as I refer ot it, I don’t see it why it can’t chn age ‘live’ as it were. I don’t understand the explanation given as to why it can’t.

I am allowed ot have dislikes about Roon. Dorsn’t mean I still don’t think it’s the best I have ever tried. I cannot envisage a p;roramme comjn g aliong that is superior.

Is there a specific reason for not installing Roon on the ,Mac on your lap‘ to use it as the remote to control all things Roon and just have Roon server running ‚headless‘ on the other Mac to split duties and relief it from the GUI stuff?

I’m just interested to understand your reasoning.

But you’ve got the ‚now playing screen‘ for exactly that function, and to bring that up you click on the cover bottom left.
You can even configure it to always show the album cover for the current song, if you click the cog wheel in the top right corner - and I think, that’s what you really want, right?