When will Nucleus v2 be available?

We need to give this retailer a grammar lesson. It should be “principal.” :rofl:


Is there a function for the second HDMI port?

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Both HDMI are digital outputs.

Did I miss it somewhere? What is the price of the Rev B Nucleus? Is it increasing over Rev A?

When I ordered on 8/2, I thought it was for a new one, but it turns out they thought it would be a Rev A. Delays and other problems meant that I will be getting Rev B. It should be shipped in a week or so. I paid for it on 8/2 and have not been told that there would be any difference.

Congrats on moving production to the US. I struggle to imagine any practical benefit to the hardware updates, but they should not hurt either:

The internal layout has also been changed to allow for internal SATA drives up to 15mm deep (the previous version could only accommodate 9mm drives), and the inclusion of a second HDMI output on the back panel.

Dual HDMI outputs for multi-channel audio seems like a really strange feature given the recommendations in http://kb.roonlabs.com/Sound_Quality. I’d rather see HDMI outputs on bridge and Roon Ready devices if that’s needed for multi-channel output.

So, would the purpose be to output to two separate systems?

Blu-ray players do this to separate audio and video output. I could see the N+ using one HDMI output to a display and the other for audio-only traffic.

Ooh - future feature? Could be good - a now playing screen via one, and multi-channel audio via the other… :grinning:

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This would be great!! Except that I just bought a gen 1 not too long ago.

I am hoping that the new Nucleus is not going to make mine obsolete any time soon?

I don’t think it will.
I’ve got a V1 too, and I’m sure that Roon will support it for a good while.

The recent Nucleus revision permitted a more streamlined device profile and an option for different SSD installations. Yes, there is an additional HDMI port, as well. Regarding the basic functionality, however, nothing has changed with the revision. Note that Roon is calling it a revision, which is different than a version change. So, in a nutshell, the original Nucleus and Nucleus+ operate with the same functionality/performance.

Most of us really does not want all these pointless leds. In case this ever being implemented; we as a minimum need the option to never have this led on. I don’t want my rack to look like an airport runway. No led’s is my goal.


We’ve moved production from China to the US, and have had a massive back order that we’ve been trying to get through.

@Krutsch, @Udi_Sabach1,
Try again on Amazon in the US using the below link… we just went live with a limited set of units.

@Stephen_Marion - no price increase. This is a minor change.

@William_Allbrook - your revA won’t become obsolete for a long time… there is nothing really major about this revision.

Danny… that link isn’t working for me.

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Dear Danny,

when is the new Nucleus+ Vers. B (with i7 CPU)
available in German and Switzerland?

(near Basel Switzerland)

Both should have it already. Marlex in .ch and AudioTrade in .de