When will Roon improve the centering of photos in the artist circles? [resolved: use Art Director]

This is true. There are also no circles in Plex for artists. Just noticed that the other day. If one could morph Plex, Plex amp, and roon together, I believe the result would be quite desirable.

That is not the problem and your own examples show that quite clearly. Both images are cropped from the same original (there is no second crop). The algorithm for the artist detail view works quite well by now; the one for the circle is - let’s call it - in need of improvement.
Your examples also show the problem areas: low contrast, especially for black and white images, very dark images, and images with multiple people (groups).

Maybe it was 1.6, but it happened. Introduction of circles then change back to squares after uproar.

Here’s one example thread from 2018. Same issues, arguments, etc.

Edit: Just looked through the thread. Started in 2018, but someone added a post in Feb 2021 and it continues with our present debate. Seamless, if you don’t look at post dates. Funny! (I laugh to keep from crying.)

The normal Plex app is squares.

This tread started on 18. February 2021, not in year 2018.

A tread from 2018 would be like this:

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Damn! Now I have to find one from back then.

Here’s a post where I first complained about it in 2019. It was 1.6.

Really Seth Godin??

Here’s the announcement of 1.6:

Here’s a screenshot within that announcement showing round artist pics. You can also see the “half waveform” that Roon changed back to full after feedback:


Many of us disagree, just read the above posts and the many threads on this topic. It is not “quite well” when it often slices the top off of heads or worse in order to get the brute force crop that is required. And it definitely does not work “quite well” when text covers the face of the artist, which happens frequently. Those results are just plain ugly.

On that point, we agree. That is what prompted me to start this thread.

Looks very roonish with all that empty space on the right. :laughing:

These extreme “rule of thirds” pictures are very much en-vogue. When The face sits right, Its a nice balance between text/buttons and face. Maybe we need a feature that shifts the name / play button etc. to the other side for situations as.above?

Getting complicated…

Just a rough-and-ready mock-up:

Oh no, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

There is still the large group of users who always want to have the same information in the same place (I confess I have slight sympathies with them).

It would certainly be easier if roon gradually replaced problematic images with more suitable ones. Whereby roon must also respect copyrights.

Hearing you, then one can only use pictures where the face is always in / near the same place. Somewhat limits choice :joy:

Was just an idea. You could also invert pictures to move face from left to right, but that doesnt always work. Tried that on a pianist and the lid if his piano was suddenly opening to the wrong side :rofl::rofl:

The funniest picture of an artist in my library is this one: and no, the red circle is not mine. This is the original picture from roon. :joy:

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At least Roon is kind enough to let you know which one Don is :rofl::rofl:

NB: Also a good example of what I‘d call low-res mugshot.

They probably used this photo from Grammy.com


If so, the cropping was as good as any cropping could be, IMHO, given the aspect ratio the use for rectangular results. But they could have used a far better picture of her that would have given far superior results. I guess someone was in love with her eyes.

I noticed that too… :joy:

Found it super odd.


Having displayed data move is never a good idea. It is on par with having too many morphing options in settings menus. Or, like suppressing the In Library icon on the Library pages, like Albums or Overview. Yes, it is duplicative info, but, it can confuse users who have told the software to display that icon, as to WHY it is not showing on this screen.


At the end of the day we all need to brush up our photo editing / cropping skills. If we wait for Roon, we‘ll be in 2023.

As always, I hope I‘m wrong.

I agree, but is is also necessary to solve the problem of ugly text pasted across the artist face. My guess is that Roon has little control over which photo their algorithm selects, and sometimes the artist is on one side, sometimes on the other.

The examples of Mobley, Henderson and Pepper illustrates that Roon is attempting to crop to create a large empty space for the text. My guess is that it is easier for Roon to detect where there is empty space, and paste the text there, than to find the appropriate photo that can be cropped so the image is always on the right. (Of course, some photos are so busy that is not possible, and then the text will be against the photo in any case, but it is still preferable that it not be smeared across the face of the artist.)

All that bbrip has to do to demonstrate the problem is to provide a third mock up, with the text pasted over the face of the artist, as in the actual cases that I provided.

Unless Roon can consistently find appropriate images to solve this problem. Two years of living with this demonstrates that they can’t.

Given a choice between really ugly results, with text and play buttons pasted over the artist face, versus moving the text to the right, the latter is preferable.

It is not that a big of a deal for your eye to quickly see where the text is, if it is on a big empty part of the image. That is easier to read anyway.


No comment :face_with_hand_over_mouth: