When will the ability to stream from SiriusXM be added to Roon?

When will the ability to stream SiriusXM be added to Roon?

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My best guess … Never!

Why? Limited geographic availability and it’s not really a streaming service where the end user can choose the tracks they want to listen to. More like multiple radio stations but then the subscription model does not fit Roon’s current Internet Radio paradigm.


Technically, I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t treat SiriusXM like a service in a way similar to that of Tidal and Quobuz.
I understand that the quality of the stream isn’t good, but there are times when it would be convenient to stream SiriusXM.
For instance, my wife and I were listening to an unusual recorded jazz performance via SiriusXM in our car the other day. As we had to leave our car, it would have been nice to come into our house and hear the balance of the recording on our home stereo.
Please reconsider!

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I may have this wrong by while SiriusXM has a library like TIDAL & Qobuz I’m not sure that the fact they have one track from an album means they always have all the other tracks or that if they did you could listen to them.

I listen to SiriusXM in my car and while I don’t listen to that many channels I get the impression that many of them are a mix of pre-recorded dj comments and pre-selected tracks which are merged and played back like a radio station. I don’t see how this fits into Roon’s database driven model with albums and tracks.

Also, don’t they already offer in home streaming?


@Tim_Jordan is just expressing an opinion not giving an official response. :kissing_smiling_eyes:
We are just users. I happen to agree with him though.

I requested this feature a month ago. Suggesting that Roon is all about the database seems to be an over simplification. Roon is about RAAT and managing your music experience and the DB is just one aspect of that experience. People who use Roon do not want to use other tools and software they want to use Roon so asking to have Sirius as a supported stream seems logical to me. I personally want my entire music experience on a single piece of glass not a hodge podge of different software I have to cobble together. so I agree, please provide Sirius or an open source toolkit that allows me to create an internet Roon radio station.


Well, you can log into SiriusXM and listen via your browser, or an app on your phone, but that forces you to pipe analog signal created by your computer/phone directly to the stereo. I would much prefer to pipe a digital signal through Roon, if possible. The resulting sound would surely be superior.
I don’t think that Roon is “only about the database”. A critically important function for Roon is to convert incoming digital signals to ones that the DAC will digest.

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I have SiriusXM satellite radio in my car and I’ve come enjoy the programming on several of he stations. At home, I’ve been accessing the SiriusXM internet radio feed using a Roku stick connected to the HDMI port on my Oppo BDP-105 universal player, which then feeds my Matrix X-Sabre Pro MQA DAC via a digital coaxial SPDIF connection (since my Roon Nucleus+ connection occupies the USB port). For me, the radio is for casual listening and the quality is more than acceptable for casual listening. While my system works, it would be more convenient if I could access SiriusXM using Roon, in the same manner that I can access Tidal, Quobuz and other internet radio stations. It would also free up an input on my DAC and I could probably eliminate the Oppo tool. That’s my Roon wish list for today.


I believe ROON should not decide what it’s users should and shouldnt listen to, or how, but rather help us be addicted to their product and their services.

Recognize a lot of EXCLUSIVE CONTENT is on siriusXM, for example the METROPOLITAN OPERA only streams on XM.

Sonos can stream it just fine, seems competitive and smart to let your dedicated listeners use your app for more, instead of having us ask… Maybe I need to go looking for something else, something better, something less restrictive!

I really like Room, but hate it when decisions are made by the developers without considering your loyal followers first.

EXAMPLE: Not having a folder view option. Simple to add, but ROON says no.

Thanks Room team for all you do, just know our loyalty comes from your loyalty to us as well.


I’d like to see Roon supporting YouTube Music, but it is not high on my wishlist for Roon. There have been requests for Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. Roon Labs has to prioritize these these along with other feature requests. Due to limited development resources, not everything gets implemented. If there is sufficient demand for Sirius or other streaming service, I’m sure they will support it, especially if not doing so leads to significant loss of users/revenue.

I think a better solution would be for Roon to allow routing external audio streams through it so that you can turn any app or web audio into RAAT multi-room audio. There’s a thread from 2016 where Roon basically says it’s on the roadmap, and then never mentioned it again. I think this kind of feature would benefit more users than specific requests to support Sirius or Spotify or XYZ other audio source.

And I’d imagine there’d be a bit less pressure for Roon to add support for features like Tidal Radio if we could just use the official Tidal app but route it through Roon. It’s likely that Roon could also hook into Win/Mac system APIs to give some basic playback controls between Roon and the other app (Play/Pause, Prev/Next Track, App Volume should all be accessible on a system level and would control whatever app is actively playing audio – in that case, Roon would simply be a remote control).

This is from my perspective as someone who runs Roon server on Windows 10. I don’t know how people who use the Roon OS or Nucleus would do it – I guess you’d still have to feed it an audio stream from the Tidal or Spotify apps running on a desktop OS.


I agree and I have written about this, years ago.
But the challenge lies in the system configuration.
I do not sit in front of a Windows machine when listening to music (and I have 40+ years in the industry, the last 13 years at Microsoft). But that’s work.
Like many people here, when enjoying music, there is a Roon core server somewhere in the house, in a closet or the basement or a rack. My interaction with the music is with a remote, in my case an iPad, for some people a phone or a laptop, but not the core.
So a viable solution requires that I can choose music or radio stream on the screen in my hands, and then the system sends it back to the core, where room correction and upsampling is applied, and then it is sent out to the endpoint which is not the iPad in my hands,
We know that this is the correct solution, we know how to build it, but it’s not “really easy”. And we know that an architecture where you sit in front of a PC doing it all there is not today’s world.
I hope we will get this,
And I hope we will get other things, about global mobility.
It’s all about system architecture (ok, I was a systems architect).

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You can now stream SiriusXM to computer devices and Apple TV 4K with no added cost if you have a paid account. My Apple TV 4K plays through my Bose system without needing Roon. I tried it a time or two, but have no desire for SiriusXM at home, just in my car.

You can use your Apple TV 4K as a Roon tested Airplay device. I haven’t tried playing SiriusXM that way, if you even can.

Yes it’s definitely very challenging with the computing landscape now including iOS, mostly because Apple limits what iOS can do compared to Mac/Win/Linux. My guess is that this is a big part of why we haven’t seen anything from Roon yet – they want a solution that works for everyone. While it’s possible to reroute audio on iOS using IAA or AUM or Audiobus, apps have to support it and AFAIK none of the consumer streaming apps do.

It would be an interesting experiment if Roon went down this path and got Tidal and Qobuz to add audio routing to their apps and the Roon Remote app tapped into that to relay the audio back to the Roon Server. For me, Tidal and Qobuz aren’t just faceless sources of music, I actually like using the apps + the features that haven’t made it into the Roon app yet (I also don’t really like the non-native Roon app design). It’d be nice to be able to use Tidal and select “Roon” as my iOS audio destination, just like I do today with Airplay or Bluetooth speakers.

But yeah that’d be really complicated and I can imagine it would require people to have a somewhat new iOS device and a very good WiFi network for it to function reliably at 24/96. So I can see why they have so far gone with the option of direct integration.

SiriusXM sounds terrible. Am I the only one who thinks so?


No. You’re not.

(I wonder if we could get WKRP in Cincinnati too. :wink:)


agreed, the quality isnt great but not terrible if on Max quality in the app (much better than my head unit in truck) but I think the main reason for this is getting the exclusive content (Talk radio being the key but they have cool concerts and interview shows for music as well)

I have 1-2 shows I listen to pretty regularly so it would be great to throw it to Roon but I just cast to Google for now and that works as well.