Integration of Sirius XM Music

Would it be possible for Roon to support Sirius XM Music?

I usually listen to my music library through Roon, but it would be really nice to have more options, I figured it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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Hi Wayne. More options are great. And I’m sure Roon would love to integrate other services. However, the other guy has to want to integrate with Roon as well.

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The above is a very clear and concise response that explains the difficulties the Roon team faces when trying to address some feature requests. Thanks!

I believe Sirus XM streams at their usual low rez bitrate. Why would you want to stream that when there are so many better sounding options out there??

I want to listen to certain “talk shows” that are only there (Tales from the Golden Road and “Big Steve Hour”–both Grateful Dead related) and certain “public radio” shows that are only on SiriusXM. Also certain “live in studio” shows that are only on SiriusXM.


I agree. While not the highest resolution, it is the content that is desirable including talk shows and sporting events not available elsewhere. I would like for Roon to be the hub for all our listening. This is a real shortcoming and I have been a Roon user for over 4 years and I have been waiting and watching other platforms integrate the streaming service from Sirius/XM.

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I think roon want global services and as Sirius is US territories only…

I too am in the group that would like to see built in Roon integration with Sirius XM (SXM). I have been a SXM subscriber for years I primarily listen to it in my car/plane/boat and while it is not the high resolution quality of other music services they have a pretty good (IMO) curation of music amongst the various genres.

Where Roon stands out in my opinion is the integration with high end audio kit and the multi-room capability. As a lifetime subscriber of Roon with a Nucleus+, a biggish catalog of music, a subscriber to Tidal, and a long term subscriber of SXM I am committed to Roon and my audio setup. I am not ready to leave Roon for something else like Sonos (yet).

Let me say the Sonos integration of SXM is very good. I would like to have seen that with Roon…but alas it is what it is for the foreseeable future.

Here is what I did to get SXM into Roon and every room in my house. Let me say it works but requires a couple of extra steps and requires some techie ability but not unsurmountable.

I am using a Sonos Port into a Mac computers line in port (that I previously used to host the Roon server) and sending that to a local Icecast server. I use Audio Hijack to broadcast the line in audio source to the Icecast server. Roon sees that Icecast stream as Radio Station that I setup as a “My Live Radio” station.

The downside to this setup is I have to use two apps. The Sonos app to control what SXM station I want to select and the Roon app to control Roon. Not elegant but it gets the job done.

The upside is that anything I can play with the Sonos app can be served up to Roon. I have not explored this very far but this may open up other “sources” that I had not considered. My primary goal was to have SXM.

I hope this is helpful to anyone looking to do the same.


I also would like to be able to stream SiriusXM via Roon. I subscribe to Tidal but listen to some of the genre stations on Sirius to find new music. Also used for sports. I do not have Sonos, so the above, detailed solution (thank you anyway MvB!) using Audio Hijack will not work for me. I have the Cambridge Audio CXN-V2 streamer, so I can get Sirius via Cast or AirPlay, but would prefer Roon. Has anyone else come up with a solution that allows integrating SiriusXM with Roon?