Where are the beautiful pictures? They make Roon crash!

How nice would it be to see all my pictures of the artists and albums. I’ve been trying in vain for a year to do that with Roon as well. There are three common methods that work for all programs I know.

  1. trust in the data provider (the marketing is always nicely illustrated by Roon)
  2. own storage in the folder (Cover.jpeg Folder.jpeg…)
  3. embedded in the music file (as front back disc artist…)
    Roon delivers less than 25% of the images for me, even though everything is embedded in my 60,000 or so music favorites.

A good folder structure with image (artist/album oer artist - album) is not helpfull for Roon. It comes much worse.

Roon can’t read the embedded images and my own folder storage of around 100,000 images in each of the 50,000 folders regularly crashes Roon. Instead of enjoying music, a lot of time is wasted in unsuccessful database building.

Only when I delete my 100,000 custom images from the music folder i can hear music with Roon.

I use mainly OGG as music format on the 2 TB hard drive and in 9 days my annual subscription expires. So the renewal makes no sense.

Bye Uwe

As an attentive reader, I realize of course that dedicated employees here cannot solve all the problems at the same time. There are simply too many customers with technical problems at the moment. Dylan Caudill, noris or Rebeka Abrudan usually go the standard way in technical support. Of course this takes time, LOG data, further descriptions of the problem and there is almost no thanks. So first of all thanks to you! But I understand the logs quite well already.

As a technically interested customer I show understanding, but also frustration, if something does not work out as in marketing. The product is interesting, but not yet mature. There is no better replacement, only other emergency solutions with other problems. There are enough suggestions how to solve it.

Endless loading or missing all audio devices? Please read this by Dylan Caudill makes it clear to me, currently a lot is missing and many things take too long. In my experience, this is not so much due to the customer’s system, but to the database concept. After all, it is not only the Tidal connection that fails, but also the reliable provision and preparation of the metadata. Lack of delivery from AllMusic or streaming providers does not help the best database. Here I have lost a year and if I may extend, I will not do it again immediately for money. Gladly I help as a customer to improve the product and pay after self-recognized market maturity.

A lot of things are already solved really well, the positive overall result is still missing for me.

In my opinion, it is currently of little use to rewrite the system environment again and again in each case, because from Windwos 7 to Windows 11, MacOS or Linux-based, there are always the same problems with the database and the accesses to Tidal or Qobuz. The interfaces to Android and iOS are not free of them either. First, however, the core has to run well.

The state of the system updates is also not a basic problem in my estimation. There are very old devices that no longer get any, others that are not always up to date, and still others that also have the same problems with the latest version.

It is the database itself that does not always cope well with this diversity. Roon has set itself a very complex task and it is also not easy to reliably locate every object from every source with album, release and label. It is precisely in this attempt that the database gets itself stuck, according to my experience.

This was not different from Roon 1.7 (Build 610) to Roon 1.8 (Build 816). I still have all the installers and can track in my testing if it is a new or old problem.

With good computer knowledge and diligent reading here it is possible to learn backgrounds and also try own solutions. I test on Linux, Windows and Mac with always the same and sometimes deliberately modified systems and data. So it becomes clear where the problems are and what could be remedied. So it also becomes clear whether MP3, FLAC or OGG as common formats deliver the same results, what the best folder structure and file naming is and what the metadata should contain to be well recognized. Some files just need to be changed in the metadata and they will be recognized better or will not cause problems anymore.

With Foobar2000, MP3TAG or AlbumArtDownloader everything is flexible with metadata brought into the desired format. Lossless remains with me in the cloud and OGG MP3 on the portable devices. As a cloud I also understand any streaming provider.

Large music inventories do not need SSD or fast USB ports, the old HDD and USB2 are enough, but the system drive and processor must be fast and powerful.

Good audio connections can always be retrofitted via USB and here the world is even more colorful that Roon lossless can support. Here it is perhaps more worthwhile to take a closer look.

I’m only testing with a pair of beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO headphones or a Sonoro for now. The exclusive mode (internal sound output) or a Hi-Res USB DAC in the lower price range are enough for my old ears. All investments that do not immediately require several thousand euros or dollars.

Upgrading is always possible later, if the database also delivers what is promised.

A Medion 10 inch Windows 10 Home Build 10.0.19042.1110 with 2 GB RAM is of course capable of holding a small database, but the weak processor is not optimal.

A very old Acer Aspire 8943G with 16 GB RAM with Windows 10 Pro Build 10.0.19043.1165 can still be used really well for many hundreds of thousands of music titles, because it already has one of the first i7 processors in it. It can also be used ideally as a Linux machine.

Likewise, old MacBooks that haven’t had any updates for a long time will also accept the database. The old Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 4 GB RAM and fresh SSD (generally important)
are enough to run small databases, no matter if MacOS or Linux is used.

A new PC from Bestware with Windows 10 Pro Build 10.0.19043.1165 or a rolling-release build of Linux Manjaro can certainly also read and synchronize millions of data sets on the XMG CORE 17(M20, RTX 2060) machine with 63 GB RAM.

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startup and crash problems, slow processing

currently many of these problems are reported. The database also crashes on me as soon as I have folder.jpg in the folders.

Loading without folder.jpg is fast and error free for 5000 titles. With folder.jpg quickly broken, until the database can no longer be built.

Who deletes the folder.jpg all again, can also load the broken database again.

So far tested with musik.ogg. Coming soon music.mp3

Windows 10 Professional Version 2009 Betriebssystembuild 10.0.19043.1165
Systemtyp XMG CORE 17(M20, RTX 2060) 63 RAM
Roon 1.8 (Build 816)
beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Kopfhörer an Sharkoon Gaming DAC Pro S V2
(aber soweit kommen wir gar nicht)

So now the same metadata is packaged as MP3. Result:

Roon loads for a short time and then crashes again with folder.jpg. Some start still go with more data until the core has bogged down.

Reinstallation and again without folder.jpg is not better with MP3.

After about 90 REQ is the end. Here the LOG protocol

08/14 10:43:25 Trace: [metadatasvc] REQ [89] https://metadataserver.roonlabs.net/md/4/getmetadata?uid=6b031fc4-26ab-4353-9f61-2c00b5a275c6&lid=&token=cf202617-c3cf-486e-8df2-a5397ead82c9&metadataid[]=7b004d5430303538303835353136&metadataid[]=79004d5730303033343232343637&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303032363839313639&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303032383632383833&metadataid[]=5e01bfd998c601718344a33f7561647afa1d 08/14 10:43:25 Debug: [identification] <135727> status: Identified 08/14 10:43:25 Trace: [identification]: Identified 1. Downloading: 1/1 tracks 1/1 albums 107/136 performers 0/1 works 1/1 performances 1/1 lyrics] 08/14 10:43:25 Trace: [metadatasvc] REQ [90] https://metadataserver.roonlabs.net/md/4/getmetadata?uid=6b031fc4-26ab-4353-9f61-2c00b5a275c6&lid=&token=cf202617-c3cf-486e-8df2-a5397ead82c9&metadataid[]=7b004d5430303437383134333731&metadataid[]=79004d5230303034303135353032&metadataid[]=5e01cdfac41d93936c4d9b0d220406986039&metadataid[]=5e01623edd9bd129274c81c08e13069303ce&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030333439373037&metadataid[]=5e0115ddab9360b83b409b2c86f3f1ea4ea7&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030333037333531&metadataid[]=5e015716199e5f973e4db3ea644551b4c7c3&metadataid[]=5e0179e386cf4909fe43a99e8d552acbe880&metadataid[]=5e01439724b4d5828a43b122b98e3f87a4a7&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303033353530363931&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030323938373634&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030353234323436&metadataid[]=5e01a1ac597f4a939f428844cb98e18504a9&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030333735323339&metadataid[]=5e01d1c3c51b8fc43343ae40866ca811bde8&metadataid[]=5e013c113fb1f122164b971969200dc58e00&metadataid[]=5e0121ba90b17483ef4d93a8316db321f8a2&metadataid[]=5e0101890bcdede58a429ab223cf86698548&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030383234303134&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303031383833323838&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030383338333237&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030353638373039&metadataid[]=5e0186ca380ff9617f45837b3d74f9e7b489&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030343037353234&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030353533303439&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303031333538343330&metadataid[]=5e01733e8c67ffe70a4d9da4816365ef6866&metadataid[]=5e01f43cdfb2831076478e9b7a9761a661fa&metadataid[]=5e01dac0308e710ab8489a7434cb6ab17c70&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030393033373734&metadataid[]=5e01f1097354b460d7409be9af02a8cffc8b&metadataid[]=5e01047c40626757854aaa48821e22af4299&metadataid[]=5e01c76247669365e74aa71e6630de888154&metadataid[]=5e01aa8b718f4f346a4a82d536fe34b81394&metadataid[]=5e01344c34b009de4841a3ded98b98998066&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303032303336393738&metadataid[]=5e014f2778b4c46570469a5de431c3a65b18&metadataid[]=5e01856cb2b9136e8742b75456c3806e06c1&metadataid[]=5e01bc5c929894713945b73665fee93f1169&metadataid[]=5e01c60d810e13e1ef4e917bf0c024d1e28b&metadataid[]=5e01bb114b1b64525c41a1e9480f77ce6735&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030343739353735&metadataid[]=5e014bb0f7428adf5f4b97d82e1877819084&metadataid[]=5e013322d5fb1e7e4c4caf0a330747888e64&metadataid[]=5e01d42a3dc30d9d01419653669501573bd4&metadataid[]=5e015dff036283cc7743aa365654741256e0&metadataid[]=5e013a7a520f563de2409f9d411a5a762619&metadataid[]=5e01b656fd31586fe54ea4d4f026f46a1e02&metadataid[]=5e010aefe041c7afb9429c97f9a8f0542b5b&metadataid[]=5e016a1b6a884d5a2746a537fbc0e8a73bb3&metadataid[]=5e01c2d47c9a2475aa4c9b12c678f1732980&metadataid[]=5e01a2fd75b52d23024d9e05de9d9ce0a418&metadataid[]=5e01780b95c60c82f440988b6c80fb305640&metadataid[]=5e015886fd926b8a7946bedaedc4a664d9fd&metadataid[]=5e01c88d517872ec264db7ec9c253c4f5947&metadataid[]=5e01377fbcd062c6e1429073116cdd052939&metadataid[]=5e012f6b148c595f524c9280d01ad6916131&metadataid[]=5e01e9e41d2f5915b2478b7536774a065f4b&metadataid[]=5e017fdc47974282c6449b600444d277857b&metadataid[]=5e0124eecc034601d644912898560a023746&metadataid[]=5e01f329a6ff59d78c4b900dbfe6bcf3142e&metadataid[]=5e016ebe81765dea7840a90ccab09fa8add1&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303031353030363834&metadataid[]=5e01f4c6b099423a52409caac5320b3596bc&metadataid[]=5e01728265e6d57679449bdb884c17fe256f&metadataid[]=5e016d5ddef394ee454da574a0c0e544f4e8&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303032303231353531&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030393830363831&metadataid[]=5e01364331f7204f3d489dc9ad14aa618565&metadataid[]=5e01b451c57cecd61943b4f431afbb98d330&metadataid[]=5e014491aef5813cf143b3833a90d668f507&metadataid[]=5e014990f264bef14f4e9da37add52ea8cf9&metadataid[]=5e01390f2dae488d1e4eb87b0a9be8cb972b&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030313433373038&metadataid[]=5e01706da2f4f06bda41bcdf561987e2efd5&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030333731343539&metadataid[]=5e01aac1ad116300114bbaabdb280169ea03&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030323432353035&metadataid[]=5e010716bc4700ad4a418770986434f8f0d4&metadataid[]=5e01e2f8b94e458b794389d1ae4a5ceb541d&metadataid[]=5e012aff9a83ce20aa409d9a5a5fe2336826&metadataid[]=5e01560b9c8daaab4545a075e743c8fcb981&metadataid[]=5e01cfa11d9b20e6e24da54d356541a6a2d7&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303030333436313234&metadataid[]=5e0193eebe9fb195a146a941843d8d6857bc&metadataid[]=5e01c4aec2a71e41b9409b11469f319de38f&metadataid[]=5e013fa392aa44bf1846994f90495bae01c1&metadataid[]=5e01fadd98b4b93a1943b8a6bb0150f9aacb&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303031343734373530&metadataid[]=5e01072f81bf4408874b9bc37c3eafb3b8fb&metadataid[]=5e015b17bddffd9de54d80433b47870f5172&metadataid[]=5e01ee64d709e897654f920b28f9e9b90e9f&metadataid[]=5e01081933177cb16f4f9c83a2b9fd00d8ca&metadataid[]=5e016946472d1475c642a7ccc7bb1c69da64&metadataid[]=5e01276a195ded06d24d943f952597d9225c&metadataid[]=5e01217ff5775bcf4044aeac2a3cadf67bc4&metadataid[]=5e01d23ae17d4d8ffd42b16f6b5ee1d996c4&metadataid[]=5e01d1b9158feb2e8846800dd9c321d9287a&metadataid[]=5e0137109b9ce044834799190ddd91d87473 08/14 10:43:25 Trace: [metadatasvc] REQ [91] https://metadataserver.roonlabs.net/md/4/getmetadata?uid=6b031fc4-26ab-4353-9f61-2c00b5a275c6&lid=&token=cf202617-c3cf-486e-8df2-a5397ead82c9&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303031383937333330&metadataid[]=5e01c934b8ec1455514fb9ebbf3cfd72f23b&metadataid[]=5e018c3357d68c7e0a429851459978ba8af9&metadataid[]=5e01e0e8098d932754429528cdeea9db17a0&metadataid[]=5e0129b0b243e7e5a8438441341285bd54f8&metadataid[]=5e01c5930a4224bcde4091d9a9f92305f46a&metadataid[]=5e0188ac8ebc3e540c45bd85ee3e3d85e4e8&metadataid[]=7a004d4e30303032353334303330&metadataid[]=a70038383333383533&metadataid[]=a3003030322d383730373833&metadataid[]=af00313037373233383134363532313935 08/14 10:43:25 Trace: [identification] downloaded image for 122:0:MN0001480461 in 369ms 08/14 10:43:27 Trace: [metadatasvc] GOT [89] (2008ms) Sooloos.Msg.Metadata.GetMetadataResponse: 08/14 10:43:27 Trace: [metadatasvc] GOT [91] (1974ms) Sooloos.Msg.Metadata.GetMetadataResponse:

After reading of more logs for me it is clear, the metadata server on the Roon side has become significantly faster, but no longer packs the amount of data reliably and now gets out even when rescanning my already recognized MP3 after about 700 to 800 albums.

my old scan with OGG works fine, but i miss my pictures :frowning:

database in Foobar with all metadata and pictures

and now the crown handmade in Roon

not able for 50.000 Tracks!

Update: I could be wrong, but my guess with the many reported crashes could be any folder.jpg or folder.png. Please test independently and report back.

I have no idea what is happening with your setup and system, but I have 1,425 files that are named folder.jpg or folder.png in my local storage, and Roon is using them without problems.

Same here I have 500 or so of them and no issues. Could it be some weird permission issue?

thanks for the answers, i also managed to read in everything up to a database size of around 5000 titles. After that everything slowed down until it stopped, crashed and wouldn’t load after a few more tries. I hoped with this observation to have many current problems in a quick solution.

I’m going to move your thread into the main Support category, because I feel that the root cause of your issue is not metadata-related. In the Support category, it will be seen and responded to by a member of the Support team, rather than someone who is focused primarily on metadata issues.

Thanks Geoff_Coupé

I just flipped the switch to another paid year of Roon. I like it when the staff takes care of problems. Of course, not every solution falls from the sky immediately, but Roon will certainly bring me much more joy than any other program, in addition to all the problems.

Frustration and fascination are so close together

Stay committed, even when the problems pile up.

Hi @Uwe_Albrecht

Just to confirm:

  • Roon is crashing at startup
  • Removing folder.jpg from your watched folders is allowing Roon to start up without any issues

Is that correct?

Also, can you confirm how many tracks in total you have?

Hi Dylan Caudill,

yes after removing the folder.jpg from all folders my database repairs itself and even if I make a folder Roon_old and reinstall Roon I can read again error free without images. If I add them later, everything gets stuck again slowly. The first 5000 go again very fast, then everything becomes slow, crashes and comes after some crashes no more to the start. Observed this is also with MP3 and always only when I export additional images to the folders.

I have a very large database on my old Acer, which I will not hear until the end of my life, there I do not make such experiments, but my about 64,350 favorites on a new XMG are very good for quick testing.

The new machine is really fast and without folder.jpg the database is created in about 2 hours. AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics 2.90 GHz with Windows 10 Pro build 19043.1165.

I use your advice to turn off IPv6 and get along well with my IPS DNS (Telekom). There come yes already good tips, what would still be optimized.

In the music tracks, all artist and album images are embedded via MP3Tag and visible in Foobar2000 and other programs.

Roon recognizes only very few, although with Vorbis comment a metadata container of the Xiph.Org Foundation in the ID3 tag standard as also with FLAC is used.

So that I can see the pictures also in Roon, I tried to export all as folder.jpg and few as folder.png with MP3Tag. In total about 100.000 pictures. I have not managed more than 5000 before any crash.

I had so hoped that it can be replicated several times on other machines and customers, because then quite a few problems would be gone there too.

Thanks for the details, @Uwe_Albrecht. Can you reproduce the crash once more and then use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)? Thanks!

Hi Dylan Caudill,

My zip is ready 11,3 MB please more hints see mail to you

The problem occurred again as described and now I remove once again all images to see if that helps again.

Thanks Uwe

as expected Roon starts without folder.jpg now again and scans the music

This time it takes longer to identify the last 20141 titles in the automatic repair mode.

The automatic restart would be easier for me, because in less than 2 hours there are over 60,000 titles in the database. Unfortunately the embedded images are not read in and as folder.jpg make the database slow, then broken and finally Roon does not start at all.

If it was just one particular image, Roon should always get problems at the same point. The behavior is observed here in such a way that occasionally after 700 titles it stops. The retry then gets to 16,000 and dies. The third attempt dies after 5,000 titles. So it is more than one problematic image.

The programmed way of handling images is not running stable yet. Technical specifications and limits of image handling should be defined (size, format…).

Image sizes range from thumbnails 160x160 and really nice big images.

deactivate memory location and activate again and Roon continues

same picture problem with Roon 1.7 and Manjaro Linux i will try to roll back without pictures