Where did Discovery Go?

I just updated and while I like the new look of the interface, I was extremely disapointed to see that Discovery has gone away. Between my server and Tidal, I have a very extensive collection. I use Discovery regularly to suggest music that is buried within my collection.


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“Discover” is on the Home page…need to scroll to bottom. Blue box

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Discovery is there close to the bottom as mentioned. With the new user interface there is so much information readily available that I haven’t used Discovery much.

Selecting the Artist tab at the top displays those in my library, selecting an artist displays their albums and the response includes my library along with a Recommended Albums discography. Selecting one of those albums presents the Play options, tracks, more albums from the artist plus recommended albums for you and new releases.

If this was available in 1.7 I wasn’t aware of it. I think it’s very well laid out and a pleasure to use.

Unfortunately one now has to trawl past all the home page stats to get to it. A real slog. Another baffling 1.8 design choice to remove the shortcut.

By the way, can we have an option to turn off all the new stats on the home page if there is no interest in looking at them?


I read in all the noise that the Roon team always felt it was an incomplete feature and never really worked as intended, so they buried it in the interface and might revisit it at some future date.

I liked Discover. While I totally understand how they felt it was wonky and all that, it was a nice way to quickly find shiny things in one’s library. I used it often to find something to play when I was indifferent to finding something specific. I still use it, but not nearly as often due to it being below the worthless (to me) stats. I wish it was its own sidebar again.

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