Where do I find the Featured Playlists mentioned in here?


I am unable to find the featured playlists on the home screen. My Roon Home screen only shows things from my library and Radio Stations. There is also no Daily Mix!

Please help.

I’m failing to find/see these playlists. Nor indeed Your Daily Mixes. Is my home screen different for some reason?

What device do you use?

I’m failing to find preferences for the home page so it should be the same for everybody but maybe it is device dependable.

die playlists sehen gut aus, finde sie aber nicht auf meinem PC?!

The playlists look good, but I can’t find them on my PC?!

Home should be:

  1. Library Stats (artist, albums, tracks, composers)
  2. Recent activity the blue box (played tab and added tab)
  3. New releases for You (Albums and Singles tabs)
  4. Your Daily Mixes
  5. Playlists by Roon
  6. Recent Listening (stats by last 4 weeks and each week days)
  7. What you’ve been listening to box (drop down for week, day, month, year, all time)
  8. Live Radio (Recently played and local tabs)
  9. Your recent Artists
  10. Genres for you
  11. Recommended artists
  12. Performing box
  13. Collaborations box
  14. Discover box
  15. Tidal playlist (or quobuz maybe)

I would love some flexibility on those things but for me they are fixed

I’m using a PC for the core on windows 10. Home looks completely different apart from 1 in you above list.

Do you have a Tidal or Qobuz account setup in Roon?

No, just my own files

And that’s why you don’t see the playlists. Daily Mixes and Featured Playlists depend upon at least one streaming subscription being active.


Ah, it’s a money thing. OK

I prefer to think it’s about making sure playlists and daily mixes just work. What good a playlist would be, if most of the suggested tracks are missing from your collection?

There are other very useful Roon features that only work with a streaming subscription. Artist discographies come to mind. It’s a personal decision every user has to make for himself, but without subscription to a streaming service I would not use Roon.


Hardly, buying your own music is way more expensive than streaming.

The daily mixes are discovery focused, can’t really do that with music you’ve already discovered.


If you don’t subscribe to Tidal or Qobuz you won’t see them

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The thing is simply that the music has to come from somewhere. Roon does not have included music streaming and you are unlikely to have all content from Daily Mixes on your hard drive.

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I guess Spotify is not on! :frowning_face:

Only Tidal and Qobuz.

Spotify wants to force everyone into their own app

Paging @John_Rainey, @econaut, and any others to whom this may apply: Roon Labs doesn’t condone nor tolerate discussion of methods to defraud recording artists of their royalties on this forum. Any further posts of this nature are grounds for your immediate suspension.


Perhaps have geo location for users so those of us in the southern hemisphere have summer playlists for the bbq at Christmas rather than the winter fare… :blush: