Where do I learn about Valence? Can I tweak Valence?

I think I hit my three week or maybe four week anniversary this weekend. So I’m both a Roon newbie and Roon hasn’t had a very long to peer over my shoulder and learn about my listening tastes. I’m lucky that soon after joining, the 1.8 upgrade came along.

So apparently Valence is even better at learning my musical tastes. How do I find out more about how it does that? I don’t mean I want a technical explanation or learn any trade secrets. I mean that if I’d like to understand more about what it pays attention to and how it weighs things. I am religiously using the thumbs up and thumbs down during Roon Radio. I’m clicking the heart on tracks on my albums I like. I’m saving albums from Tidal left and right when I hear something I like. I started with about 100 albums representing maybe 50 artists. So that isn’t much for Roon/Valence to start with.

In the early mornings on weekdays I like to listen to soft jazz. In the late afternoon when my wife is nearby I switch to light classical. On weekend evenings I like to listen to rock and singer-song writer music and on Saturday and Sunday mornings it tends to symphonic classical – because my wife is listening and she likes classical more than jazz.

So tell me Valence: What are my musical tastes? They vary by time of day, day of the week, and how close my wife is to the listening area.

Here’s what I really want to know. In the mornings I’ll pick an album and then Roon radio picks up. It seems like the follow-on music is similar, which I like. Why can’t I create “Mike’s weekday morning jazz stream” without having to prime the pump with an album? Seems to me that I should be able to “tune in” Roon Radio based on a name I give a “channel” – kind of like a dynamic playlist. If Valence is learning about me all the time I would think that it could learn within the confines of various times I listen and abstract the time of music separate from other times.

Lots of questions – I’m happy to read an article or a few blog posts if they are out there.

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