Where does Roon store my music files

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus with 1TB internal SSD and external USB drive

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Arris Router, Ethernet no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Lumin U2 Mini streamer coax

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Description of Issue

New Roon/Nucleus customer. My Nucleus came with 1TB SSD installed. I also have a 1TB USB drive connected which has my music stored. I’m trying to find where my music is stored in Roon. I can see I have the 1TB SSD installed and available but I cannot see any files or anything else on it. I can see my attached USB drive and how many music files are there, but no further details.
Where does Roon store my music files from my USB drive? Are they automatically stored on the internal 1TB SSD drive?
Thank you.

Welcome to the Roon community, @George_Cannon.

Please take a look at the following help guide.

Thank you for your response. I did review the Internal Storage documentation several times and could not find an answer.

Have done these steps?

Roon does not move or copy your music files; music locations are defined under Settings > Storage.

If you want to copy the files to the Nucleus internal storage, from the USB drive, follow the guide: Importing Music to Internal Storage. The USB drive should be connected to a PC or Mac, and the folder dragged to the Roon interface.

OK, I now see how to drag and drop my music folder from my USB drive to Roon internal SSD. However, I have a new problem as Roon forces my laptop to use full screen to run Roon, which then does not allow me to drag and drop a file folder to Roon. How do I get Roon to allow me to drag and drop without forcing a full screen display?

Drag and drop in your file-browser from one directory to the other. Roon doesn’t even have to be open/running for that. I think it’s even advised in the FAQ guide to turn of Roon (even the server process) completely during the copy process (for many files).

What laptop are you using? If it’s a MacBook, move the mouse pointer to the top left and drag to resize (note the mouse point changes).

The method I explained requires Roon to be open… you drag the folder from the file browser to Roon, and it will import to the Nucleus internal storage.


Both methods are described in the document you linked and the FAQ I linked suggests turning Roon off.

PS: Isn’t that also the method that was reported broken/not working on Mac’s for years? Did it get fixed? Does this method not also destroy a users file structure, placing everything into some import folder?

I don’t know for sure. I use an external drive with ROCK… but let me try.

It’s not clear whether the OP uses macOS or Windows.

Edit: Drag and drop copying works fine on macOS; prompted for the destination.

I found the answer to my Roon requiring to be full screen and not allowing me to drag and drop. I changed the resolution to be 200% vs 250% so I could drag and drop from my USB Music folder to Roon. Worked great!

Thanks for all your help!!

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