Where is “Go to Tidal Version” on iPhone?

I have added one track from a Tidal album to my Roon library. Now I would like to go back and listen to more tracks from that same album to see what else I might like.

It seems that the “Go to Tidal Version” option is missing on the iPhone remote app. Here are screen caps from iPhone and iPad for comparison.

See where it says “Versions” ar the lower right part of the phone screen? Try that.

Thanks @Astr0b0y, but then what?

Clicking “Versions” in the lower right corner of the screen lists the two Tidal versions, but there is no way I can find to list the actual tracks on the current album (the MQA version). The menu icon doesn’t give any useful options, clicking on the album cover/title takes me right back to square one, a “list” of the one track already in my library.

If there are any other clickable spots in that area, the gods of material design have hidden them from my eyes.

@eric, you marked it as solved, so maybe you could chime in with a hint about where to click next.

I see what you mean my apologies, I didn’t pick up on the single track added detail from the first post. On the iPad the ‘go to Tidal’ menu option is still there and does take you to the full album. I can confirm that on the iPhone the only way to get to the full Tidal album again is to delete the album from your Roon library and then adding it again and including all tracks.

Hi @Andy_Spinks — Thank you for your detailed report, we appreciate it!

I’ve passed your report along to the technical team so it will be in their queue for review. As soon as I hear back from them regarding the behavior you’re seeing I will update the thread in a timely manner.

Thank you,

Any progress to report on this? It seems like a simple but significant bug that impacts every iPhone user. I’m surprised it’s been 6 weeks with no communication about it.

Fixed in Build 333! Thanks so much; keep up the great work. :+1: