Where is Roon physically stored on my C Drive, what database format/engine

That’s all…
I prefer to select the folder for my files.

I HATE mission critical data bring stuffed in Microsoft’s crazy folder structure…

It’s my data I like to know where it’s stored and I like to decide where it’s stored.

Yes I am TRS80 model 1 …OLD!! forgive me for knowing what a folder is… hahahaha


In Windows, the Roon folder and database are located at

C:/Users/[Name of User]/AppData/Local/Roon

The location of the Roon folder isn’t configurable. Roon will NOT work properly (possibly at all) if you move it to another location. You may end up with two conflicting databases resulting in a loss of data. I would definitely advise against trying this.

I don’t know what the database/engine is, but you might check Settings/About/Copyright Information and see if there are any recognisable database licences mentioned.

Thanks. Please consider allowing the user to decide someday…
Thanks again in advance.

This reply from Danny to a similar request may be relevant:

Regardless of any install options that would be nice… ROON IS THE BEST SOFTWARE I HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE TO INSTALL AND USE IN A LONG TIME!!!

YES I do mean to yell from the rooftop… I have had no problems installing or using Roon on my extremely complicated network.

1-RaspBerry Pi- Roon Package

Everything worked first time… Perfectly…
As far as I am concerned the Roon team had nothing to apologize for excepting being AWESOME!

Thanks for your obvious passion and caring to create an amazing product that actual works as promised.


PS: Could you guys/gals teach Microsoft how to do this… Please please please…

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I can’t comment on the data folder location change thing, but:

It sounds to me that the problem behind your question is that you’re worried about losing the data in Roon’s database. Maybe you can address that worry by using our database backup feature? Here’s a knowledge base link for that: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Backup

(I’m glad the Sonos support is working well for you, I worked hard on it and it’s great to see that it’s useful for people.)

Sonos support is the one thing that pushed me over the edge to a lifetime subscription. I already had a significant Sonos investment and while it is de rigeur now to slam Sonos for any number of reasons, it works for me. The one place I have for critical listening I have a USB direct connection from my core to the DAC, but having music throughout the house is a killer feature.

I will for sure use the backup tools… I am a bit old school…
I also like to just ROBOCOPY C:\DATA\ROON*.* \backup01*.*
But that’s ABNORMAL and I understand… I can live with your backup tools for 13 years… at least… before I will have another thought about it. :slight_smile:


You’ll need to ensure the Roon service is stopped before you do that or your backup may well not work.

I was just saying that’s what I would like to do but it doesn’t work that way so I will just use the built-in backup system and I’ll be totally happy because roon is so awesome.

I was just showing how an oldie in the technology world would do things but it doesn’t mean it’s the only way