Where is Roon's DSP configuration on an iPhone [Answered]

Ive read about the new DSP feature, but I cannot see how to access it. Ive updgraded to the latest versions. From the controller, I go to Settings->Audio. Select the gear icon by the bridge and all that I see is Device Setup and Disable. No DSP. I want to load filters created from REW.

Roon - running on iPhone - v1.3 build 200
Roon Server - running on an ESX VM - linux v1.3 build 208
Roon Bridge - running on raspberry pi - 1.0 build 73
Storage - on a freenas share


Click on your sound device to the right of the wave form at the bottom of your screen. Mine happens to be called Devialet.

Click on the 3 dots to the right of the device in the pop up that comes up.

Thanks for the fast reply. Mine looks very different. It still says 1.3

Im doing this from the controller. On IOS. Maybe I need to configure something on the bridge or the core?

You can’t do DSP adjustments on the iPhone app. You can on the iPad version though.


Unfortunately due to the screen real-estate required for the DSP functions this part of the interface isn’t available on the iPhone. If you load up the iPad, Mac, or Windows remote you’ll get the DSP configuration screens.

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Thanks. That’s exactly what I needed. And, its great to know that I can use the windows installation for just the controller part.