Where is the partner device matrix?

The previous list is deprecated - where is the current one?

It’s all in there, isn’t it?

That file is not accessible anymore.

I just see a bunch of logos, nothing else.

well, shoot, you’re right. The list of actual devices is gone. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What do you expect? A manual how to view this site?

The old list is no more. The partner site is the replacement.

Choose the category (Roon Ready or Roon tested) and click on the logo of a brand you’re interested in to see their products that fall in your chosen category.

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haha, apparently i do too, as I didn’t click on the brand links either! (So often you see brand logos on dealer websites, and all they do is go to the brand’s homepage. D’oh!)

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You don’t seem to understand; the matrix had a LOT more devices listed, including many whose logo does not show up on the screen. Are they just gone? Are they no longer Roon Tested/In-House as before?

Case in point: my Technics SU-G30. Find it for me, please.

We’re looking into this.

looks like a thread you started a couple months back, too… was it actually roon ready in the previous list? Seems like it wasn’t.

As I would interpret this matter, it means exactly that. Brands/Devices not listed are not Roon tested or Roon Ready.

Roon nowhere mentioned on the product page. But being not (no more/no longer?) Roon tested, and I’m pretty sure the device in question was never Roon ready, doesn’t mean that a device is unusable with Roon.

But let’s see:

Tks, Brian. I can confirm it was originally on the list as an “in-house” device (or similar terminology), with a number of specs shown in terms of supported bit rates, DSD, etc.

Would also ask if the EarMen Sparrow is also there somewhere.

We have not certified any Roon Ready or Roon Tested devices from EarMen, but I was involved in testing the SU-G30 when it first came in and I remember certifying that as Roon Tested. Not sure what’s wrong with the website–it should include everything.

When I looked at the list the last time there were three segments.
Roon Ready and Roon Tested are still there.
In addition there was a third segment distincting devices that can run a Roon Core. There were partners on it like 432EVO and Rockna and probably some more that are missing out now.

@brian Any update on this? Contrary to what was possible before, I can no longer find my Technics on the Roon tested list (or any list for that matter).

Guys, any news on this front? @brian @support

The marketing team are working on it. It is out of my hands.