Where to buy new NAD C 3050?

Well, the new NAD C 3050 LE is just announced, and I want one!

But how? Where do you buy this kind of limited-edition gear?

(By the way, why is there no NAD/BlueOS subsection in Audio Gear Talk?)

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I would contact one of the numbers listed here:

I had a problem with an “authorized repair shop” I contacted NAD directly and it was taken care of. I recommend them Highly.

They will help you part with your cash.


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Yep, thanks, I already talked to my local dealer.

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It looks amazing but would blow my speakers turning it on. :slight_smile:

Well, now I have two of them on order from two separate shops…

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Hopefully one of them comes through.

Well, maybe. It doesn’t show up as Roon Ready in the Roon list of devices, though. I assume that’s because it’s so new.

I see no mention of Roon on the NAD site. I wouldn’t count on it being Roon Ready.

This. Roon is suspiciously absent in the list of all supported services.

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No USB or Ethernet in, I think you’ll need an external streamer for Roon. Love that it’s “stereophonic”.

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It ships with the mdc2 module, installs into the port on lower left of rear of unit.


Thanks for clarifying that.

No trouble I was digging this unit, I’ve got the M33 and a C375. Love the retro theme with the modern guts. NAD pretty good value and quality imo.

Best to you

the new 3050 w/ the MoFi Fender TT, and a pair of Zu Dirty Weekend 6s would make such a sweet retrofied system.

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I was thinking of this turntable, recently seen. But it has a built-in preamp. Looks like that can be defeated, though.

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yes, looks really cool.

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I have preordered the LE.

It will replace a more drab-looking C368 with 1st gen BluOS MDC.

I’m not a fan of the wood veneer casing but maybe where it will sit in A/V stand it won’t be too noticeable. Features, however, ticks a lot of pro boxes. Of course the main drool factor was having modern convenience with VUs.


Latest info is shipping will be mid-January.

[speaking of the original 3030…] “We have to get out of our chair, like an animal…”