Where to normally plug a vintage cassette deck?

I am thinking of salvaging an old (but really good) Akai GX-M10 cassette deck from my parents’ home, but am not sure whether I can still use it with my modern Technics SU-G30 amp/DAC - where does one plug such things? Line inputs?


Yes, line inputs.

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That deck should have DIN and RCA (cinch/line). So the high level line inputs at the amp or pre-amp.

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Typically a 2v output like a CD player so any line input will do

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Very doubtful it has 2v output, most vintage cassette decks were closer to 0.7 to 0.8v.
However it will work fine on a line level RCA analog input although volume will be lower than say if a CD player was connected.
For example I have volume set at 25 from my Lumin T2 via RCA analog input and when I switch to cassette deck I usually end up around 36 to 40 depending on recording level of the tape.
Just crank it up and enjoy!

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It is a while since I used one :crazy_face:

These Akai decks were, beside the then unaffordable Nakamichis, my dream machines. For reasons I do not recall I never quit the Teacs. Sold long ago. Miss them a bit.

Still got 20 brand new Maxell XL II tapes in the basement :crazy_face:

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Just found the Nackamichi CR7 manual,

50 mV in
1000 mV out

So I was a bit out but not much

The Nacks were absolute Rolls Royce , I had 3 in my time starting at 600 then 582 then the CR7e

Young foolish and too much money :joy:

These are the line in specs for the Technics:

200mV/22 kiloohms

And these from the Akai: Input: 70mV (line), 0.3mV (mic)

Output: 0.41V (line)

All ok, I guess?

The CR7e was reckoned to be as good as the Dragon as far as sound quality went and the best bang for buck in their lineup . Just a few less bells and whistles. Lovely decks.

Actually that output is very low at 0.41v, it will work for sure BUT by the time you have cranked the volume up enough you might find some background noise present.
Only one way to find out though…try it!
I had a Nak that had just 0.5v output and I ended up using an iFi iTube between it and the amp because it had a 6db gain setting in it which brought up the line level input seen by the amp a bit.
Just try it, nothing much to lose!

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