Where to type in AirPlay Code in Roon Zone of Apple TV

Hi, I already have my Apple TV as Zone in Roon.
Since the last Roon Update, I have Problem if I want to play Roon music over Apple TV.

I change the zone to Apple TV.
Then Apple TV is showing the AirPlay Code, but nothing in Roon is poping up to type this code in…

Can someone please give me an hint…

Thank You

“Did you go into your Apple TV setup and get the correct 6 digit code to enter? I had this problem yesterday and my TV keep displaying a 4 digit code for Airplay. Evidently, it’s looking for the 6 digit code that relates to your device.”

Found here…

Hi Vynz_Vega, it looks like my issue with Apple TV device. My TV is only showing 4 digits code.
But where do I find the 6 digits code of my Apple TV device?
Thank You in advance.

On the Apple TV, if you go to Settings > AirPlay and click on Airplay Everyone, you will see Security below. This might show Require Code First Time Only but should be changed to a Password.

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