Which Digi HAT for RPi 3b+

Want to buy myself a little christmas gift and looking for a Digi Hat for the latest RPi to connect it with Analysis Plus Coax cable to my Hegel H190 amp.

Which one should I choose in terms of sound quality and P/R ratio?

Also I want to run Ropieee and nothing else.

Please could you share experiences and help me to find the right one.

Many Thanks, Eric

I’d suggest you take a look at the Allo DigiOne. It’s a perfect match for your setup and is fully supported in Ropieee. Alternatively, there’s the Allo DigiOne Signature, but I don’t have experience of this model.


Thank you, perhaps alternatives available? Or ist the Allo the thing to go with…?

Also have a look at https://www.hifiberry.com/products/

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Thanks Mike, sound differs between Allo and Hifiberry?

Circuit design and price? Either is a great choice. But, in your quest, remember two things: a) you generally get what you pay for, and b) the rule of diminishing returns :slightly_smiling_face:

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Which is different for circuit design? I also found iQaudio?

I see Allo have a promotion at the mo: https://allo.com/sparky/digione.html
Enter the code XMAS2018 for 10% discount!

The Hifiberry boards are much simpler, and this is reflected in their price. If you’re after a little more, perhaps the extra cost of the Allo Digione board (3x) is worth it to you.

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ok thanks, will now have an exactly look to Allo.

Having run a Digi+Pro with LPSU then upgrading to a USBridge I would recommend the DigiOne. A lot more separation and midrange/bass

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Thanks, which PSU?

Use a switching power supply; the DigiOne does a great job using low noise regulators and filtering capacitors.

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