Which integrated amp with high-quality DAC, phono and MQA decoding?


As I am exploring the Roon trial, I am now looking for an integrated amp to fit all my needs without the need for multiple boxes. My requirements:

  • minimum of 50 W per channel (8 ohms);
  • Phono MM included;
  • MQA decoding included;
  • 32-bit Sabre DAC or similar able to do DSD256.

I was bidding for a Technics SU-G30, but the final auction result was too high price-wise. Now I am looking at the following options:

  • Moon Neo ACE;
  • Arcam SA30;
  • Hegel?
  • Naim (not sure it fits the above);
  • NAD (not sure it fits the above).

Can anyone help me identifying the best options? Again, the three sine qua nons are:

  • 32-bit/DSD256 DAC;
  • MM phono;
  • MQA decoding built-in.

Tks a lot!

Not naim for mqa.
The Arcam has most of it but I can’t see what DSD it does.
The Moon does all of it.

Hegel doesn’t do phono stage.

Tks - it seems like, other than the Technics, my only choices are the SA30 or the ACE. But I am not entirely sure about MQA decoding with the ACE.

Yep, read about this - not yet sure if this is just a software decoding, though.

Hmm as you say it may well just do pass through no decoding.

Otherwise the ACE seems excellent - but if there is no MQA, I’d rather go with the Arcam.
Still not clear here:

By the way, found this comprehensive list on DSD support to be very useful:

Finally found and purchased the Technics SU-G30 for a great price; will let you know how it performs once all is in place.

Excellent choice - I use Technics and I’m very happy!

But I don’t know why Roon do not like Technics…
There’s still no Technics here:

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Indeed - but at least the SU-G30 is on their “in-house” list and works at the highest bit-rate/DSD levels already.

Good news :grinning:

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Unfortunately the OLED display in my SU-G30 stopped working after just a few days following the delivery of a second unit to me (the first unit had an overload error - yep, two lemons). Otherwise it works OK and I can control most of its functions through the iPhone.

My basic question is:

Would Roon be able to replace that visibility (i.e. in terms of displaying MQA status or bit rate for each played song) whenever I play music with the SU-G30?

If you’re willing to pay about USD 5000, the NAD Masters M33 has been receiving glowing accolades. Fits all your needs. Plus, it comes with DIRAC Live to tailor your speakers to your room. Not yet Roon certified but I believe it’s Roon Ready.

My question was about displaying the information of music being played - would Roon “replace” my failed OLED display in terms of showing bit rate/sampling rate?

Besides, the NAD M33 does not play any DSD natively.