Which operating system is best for a Roon server?

if I set up a new system. Which operating system is the best, OS, Linux or Windows 10?
I want to use an Ipad and Iphone as a mobile device to operate the system.

Thank you!


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Roon is built on a .NET framework and the Windows implementation is slightly faster than the Mac. Any difference becomes un-noticeable as hardware scales up. You would probably decide on an OS for different reasons than this.

A minimal install of Linux is a good platform for headless Roon Server, if you are happy using an SSH terminal.

there’s nothing stopping you installing Roon Server on a Linux desktop install either. After running Roon’s easy install scripts there’s no need to have to return to a terminal window again.

Mine is running on one core of an i3 using Debian Linux. Performance is great!

Linux is probably the best for minimalism, but all 3 platforms have pros and cons.

That sounds like a great FAQ. :slight_smile:

I just posted this elsewhere, because someone posted that Linux RoonServer feels faster than Windows on equivalent hardware.


Hello Danny and All!

My first ever post asks these questions:

  1. Should my Roon core machine run Win7 or Win10? I’ve started rebuilding an AMD AM3 6 core with nice R9270 GPU and new Intel 535 SSD. Is either OS better than the other for Roon?

  2. Is there any problem caused by surfing or light gaming on the core machine while running Roon and listening?

I am trying to decide between either a big monitor on the wall connected to the core machine to do it all, or a nice laptop for control and surfing? Their prices aren’t that different.

(Of course, I’ll have to start with a cheap Android tablet for control anyway since my baby girl starts college in a few months.)

Thanks for a very cool, paradigm shifting way to venture into my long-desired hi-res music collecting and listening hobby. I’ll be a Roon “lifer” asap!


Windows 10. Windows 8 was a huge leap forward in performance over Windows 7, and 10 is even better.

Nope, shouldn’t be any difference if you’ve got everything else setup right.

I had the big touchscreen monitor setup at first, but found myself mostly using a 9" android tablet or my laptop. However, after getting the larger iPad Pro, I use nothing else. It is so much better than the Android or laptop experience.

Thank you very much for taking your time to answer each part of my questions. So, for my “new” DIY rebuild, a real perfomance benefit to installing a new Windows 10 is worth it to me. Certainly taken in terms of the system and music expense, the few extra dollars for a far better experience makes sense.

Now, if Windows is an elephant and linux is s mouse, then iOS9 on the iPad Pro must be a, swift and nimble gazelle? Talk about switching horses!