Which Platform to move to?

Hi all! Wondering if anyone has any opinions on this one… I currently have my server running on an mac mini and want to move it off of there to either a Synology NAS (1520) or a NUCi7 that I have laying around. Any opinions on which platform may run better?


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Just by looking over the forum with its many support and owner feedback threads, I think this is easily decided in favor of the NUCi7.


Definitely the NUCi7, especially if you have one “laying around”, and ROCK for OS.


Agreed. Nuc7 it is. You could always store your music collection on the syno…

NUC - the nas is (I beleive) celeron based. I think the i7 NUC will be much more responsive. I switched from a celeron based QNAP NAS a while ago to an i7 NUC and the difference is huge.

OK, thanks all!
Will now learn how to install the ROCK OS :grinning:

It’s easy :slight_smile:

Why do you want to leave the Mac mini?

too many in the house use the machine, gets turned off/sleep or rebooted too much. just easier to get it off there in the long run. I had no issues performance wise

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Perfect reasoning, it’s best to have a single purpose dedicated Roon core.

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I’d suggest both. NUC ROCK and the NAS to store all the media libraries.

Here’s some context to my personal experience

Another perspective…Nuc for the core, but if the NAS is your only copy of the music then connect a large enough drive via USB or internally if that’s option on the NUC and copy your music to that with NAS as the backup. Also backup your roon database to the NAS too on a dedicated share.

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Hi Mark
I have just added ROCK to a NUCI7 and now use it instead of my business Window’s computer.


Easy to add, just follow the instructions in the ROON Help Centre, ROCK Install Centre.


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A NAS is always more flexible, Synology has some excellent ones. I use the Synology 918.

One more vote for NUC with ROCK here.
I use my NAS for storing data.

NUC with ROCK and either an internal SSD as the second drive or an external USB HDD.

Save the NAS for backup.

Hi, for $1100 small Green computer sales
Sonic Transporter i5 or i7 lynix Roon core and end point with 2T also has other programs included.
Not much more money than your options and I have never had a major problem, simple ones solved by Andrew and drop in a CD and it is added to your Roon library