Which Roon Ready devices have analog volume control?

I do want to control volume via the roon app.
But I cannot stand it if the volume control is done on the digital side of the DAC.
I would be very interested to find the info which of the outputs allows volume control on the analog side thru the roon remote.
Is there any place where this info is collected? My searches were without results :frowning:
Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Hi Mike,
I shifted your post here where it will attract more attention from hardware folks and reframed your question slightly. Am I right in thinking you are asking about Roon Ready devices ?

The Mytek Manhattan II allows you to control its analog volume from Roon when you have the network card and are using its ethernet connection.

The only devices likely to have analogue volume control will be amplifiers or all in one units which are Roon Ready. Streamers or DACs do not require an analogue volume unless they contain a preamp and even then the manufacturer has to allow Roon access to it. My Naim Uniti Atom is such a device.

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Auralic Vega G2

Thanks for the suggestions!
And @andybob yes exactly. Should be roon ready :slight_smile:
I want to go directly into my monos, no pre in between.
Does anybody know if the Lindemann Limetree network does volume on the analog side?
It looked like wroth a try. Given Lindemann 's experience and the price tag I am toying with this idea.
So there is no info roon has on the roon ready devices, that makes look up easy?
Any more suggestions or info VERY welcome :wink:

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For the record, in case somebody is also curious.
I asked Lindemann about the new musicbook “source” and about the Limetree network.
Musicbook source always performs volume control on the analog path. Limetree network volume control via roon is done on the digital side.
Looks like musicbook source could be a good choice…