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After upgrading to 778 AND having a double whiskey the metal front ladies appear more 3 dimensional.

Unfortunately this morning after waking up with some headache, they appear again more flat. :rofl:

I have to repeat the experiment tonight.


You’ve obviously never drunk with a Scotsman :wink:

Whilst often (unfairly, I might add) being regarded as somewhat fiscally constrained (or ‘grippit’ to use the local parlance), Scots are remarkably generous when it comes to sharing that very fine, amber-coloured Water of Life (‘Uisge beatha’ from which the word Whisky derives) Anything less than two fingers of whisky is an insult to a guest:

My father and his friends have taken the two-finger measure to new heights with their very own ‘hoose’ (house) measure:

Needless to say, a ‘session’ in their company is either very short for me, or it requires that I drink very, very slowly…


Two glasses of whiskey. Define Glass!

I learnt drinking whiskey in Scotland.

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My sincere apologies - you said a double in your earlier post. I mistakenly assumed 2 of those grippit bar measures (50ml total) served down here in England.

You and my father obviously speak the same language :rofl:

I assume you will have acquired a few favourites in your meanderings across my homeland?

Over the years I definitely got some favourites. But I fear, it is getting very off topic now¨

I repeated the experiment tonight. The 3 dimensionality appears even if roon is not running. So it must be Caol Ila single cask, cask strength 21 years old. Even the vacum cleaner looks tempting.


@Graeme_Finlayson I always enjoy your posts!

Of course it could be the Scotch clouding my judgement. :wink:

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A very fine dram indeed. Sláinte Mhath! :tumbler_glass:

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Nice to hear someone appreciates my incoherent ramblings, even if it is ‘under the influence’ :joy:


This is my staple unpeated malt:

and I’m still sipping my way through this one (gift from my father):

I find the older the vintage, the greater the sonic benefit with Build 778.


Graeme, that is real good stuff! Enjoy them!

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I do love an Abelour, tried a Glengoyne once I think in a small taster box, it was very good to. Only got Auchentoshan 12 year old and Cardu Gold Reserve on the go at the moment. I ran out of my really nice stuff my workmates bought me for a leaving present, was stunning can’t remember what it was now as I decanterd it and got rid of the bottle, it was not cheap though I think it was a 30 year Mortlach

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Always a little unsettling when they seem so glad to see you go… :slight_smile:


Nobody said anything about being glad. If where I would have been lucky to get a bottle of Jack Daniels not £300+ bottle of single malt.

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I’m looking forward to being able to travel back to Scotland - haven’t seen my father in almost 18 months. We usually manage to squeeze in a distillery visit or two while I’m there! Aberlour is a distillery I haven’t been able to visit yet, though Glengoyne is only 45 minutes drive from where I grew up.

Wow, a 30 yo Mortlach is a very special dram! Runs about 450 notes a bottle of you can find it.

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Yep it was a beautiful scotch. Used to have a great whisky shop almost next door to the office, tasted quite few during lunchtimes. It’s my aim to do a distillery tour at some point.

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I believe Bill was being a little facetious there… :wink:

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Ha ha I have done a few, but I try to make sure not to be the driver for a change :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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How Mrs. InVinoVeritasty and I augment the 1.8 Build 778 immersive experience


No wonder the music takes on so many wonderful flavours :joy: