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It seems the film after which it is named never saw the light of day - quite a controversy by all accounts…

Went to the grocery store for an unrelated reason after you posted and they had a single bottle of 1792 Small Batch. I agree, it’s quite good! And at a bargain price here $32 IIRC. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

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The latest addition to this ever expanding whisky collection. I picked it up entirely by chance, and later found out that for many, it had been rather hard to get hold of! Lucky day I guess!


My recent inventory. It’s missing a Baker’s seven year old single barrel, which I’m really enjoying.


looks like you need to open some Elijah Craig.

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They are all different. Can’t decide which one first. The private barrel is one and done.

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Another one bites the dust.

(Snob mode on)

I’m trying to flush out all my fairly standard and run of the mill bottles in favour of the much more interesting purchases I’ve made since my whisky career started.

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I share your sentiments.

When you step up to the really good stuff, the run of the mill stuff just doesn’t hit the mark anymore.

I bought a really nice LSA whisky set (decanter, nosing glasses, drinking glasses and water jug) for Xmas for both of us with a view to broadening Mrs Mad Scientist’s whisky horizons and mutually supping a really nice dram when we can find the time to truly appreciate it.

The decanter has been inhabited by Glengoyne 21 yo, currently holds Tobermoray 17 yo and the next guest will be Starward Vitalis.

There are a few very good budget drams around still - Auchentoshan 3 wood is one of my favourites for the price.

I do think the 3 wood is pretty good, but given these days for the price of a bottle of 3 wood you can have a springbank 10, or a bunnahabhian 12, let alone the utter bargains available from the likes of “whisky broker” and “cadenheads”. There’s little excuse any more for coloured, filtered, high street whisky.

Ah, Bunnahabhain 12 is another one of my affordable favourites. I’m also partial to the classic Laddie.


Stocked-up on a couple of stalwarts today on a Dan Murphy’s run.

I am a peat-head and there is nothing I can do about it.


Peat-head here as well. Love the Port Charlotte. Have you tried the Ardbeg Wee Beastie? Delicious.

It’s better to be a Peat-head than a Pot-head. :grin:
(It’s supposed to be a joke not a statement. In my opinion I would say that a Pot-head is more likely to take me out with a bar stool than a Peat-head. :tumbler_glass: :partying_face:)

I have. But my favourite Ardbeg expression is the Corryvreckan. The Supernova releases have been spectacular, but they are hard to come by.

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I’m cool with whatever people want to do to unwind as long as it doesn’t negatively impact on others. I’ve never had a pot-head try to take me out with a bar stool… Same can’t be said for other vices.


Corryvreckan and Uigeadail are my favourite Ardbeg expressions to date. Not had the opportunity to try any of the Supernova expressions yet.

My Dad likes his Corryvreckan with water - I prefer it neat to appreciate the full ferocity of this monster dram.



It seems I’ve just snagged the last bottle of the Supernova Stellar Release 2009 (100 ppm) from https://www.whiskys.co.uk/

97 points in Jim Murray’s 2017 whisky bible:

“isn’t quite a supernova…much more of a black hole. Because once you get dragged into this one, there really is no escaping”

Will update with my impressions when it arrives! :grinning:


I eventually learned to drink this neat (and it took a little time to enjoy it).
My wife usually leaves the room at this point complaining about the smell of burning rubber :thinking:

It has become a late night drink with music for me and very enjoyable.