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But they bought those barrels 10 12 or 15 years ago did they not? So why are prices going up so much now?

Barrels they buy now won’t return any revenue for another 10, 12 or 15 years. There’s an awful lot of competition in the marketplace for good barrels now. Energy costs are skyrocketing - malting, mashing and distilling are energy intensive, fuel and transport costs are rising, so barley is more expensive too. It all adds up

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It was my regular drop for 2 years, but jumped $40 in Oz.

I’ve been on Macallans sherry cask instead, but I’ve been craving that intensity and length of flavour. So A’ Bundah is coming from Father Christmas….I’ve been a good boy!

I’ve joined The Whisky Club and I’m awaiting my first delivery on Monday

So step aside Santa, **[Starward Cognac Cask Created Exclusively for The Whisky Club, is here to make your Christmas dreams come true.

This is Starward whisky unlike anything you’ve experienced before, lifted to extraordinary new levels of decadence inside premium Limousin Oak Cognac casks. The result is an intensely creamy, bright and fruity malt that will remain on your palate and in your memory years from now.

I’m excited.

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The latest arrival at ours:


Where you are that may be the case…

Where I am (central US) there are many affordable good US aged bourbons. Also, where I am, good aged single barrel scotch is uniformly expensive.

One of the joys of traveling is discovering the things that are commonplace to your hosts that is novel to you.

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Are there any that you can particularly recommend? I’m always open to new experiences.

Hi @Graeme_Finlayson I’m interested to know if you have tried any Australian Whisky’s, I’ve managed to purchase a bottle of this: French Oak - World's Best Single Malt Whisky | Sullivans Cove Distillery which I’m saving for a trip home to the UK so that I can drink it with my best bud, who is like your good self a Scotsman and a serious Whisky lover.

I know It’s ridiculously expensive but he’s worth it :grinning:


Wow, I didn’t even know that Tasmania produced whisky! That looks like a seriously nice dram!

I’ve tried the Starward Left-Field from Melbourne, which is a really nice, smooth, easy drinking malt. Far smoother than any Scotch would be after only 3 years in barrel!

I bought my Dad a bottle of Starward Vitalis for Christmas, which he really likes. Haven’t tried it myself though.

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I like Blanton’s, which is difficult to get here…. Angels envy (single barrel). Eagle rare 10 yr. Elmer T. Lee, Jefferson’s very rare.

But now that I look at it, Graeme, the age of US Bourbon is not typically shown. Blantons is, I think 8 years or so, Others that I have, age is not mentioned.

So you may be correct in that verifiably greater than 10 year aged bourbon may be very expensive.

I will say this, there are many very good bourbons available to me in the central US for a reasonable price. Scotch is uniformly expensive relative to what I consider “good” bourbon here. (Not saying it’s not a good value!)

And I do stand by my comment that traveling to other locations and sampling the native spirits is worth the effort and expense!


I’ve never heard of this, but will be on the lookout. I have recently had some Japanese single barrel whiskies. There are rules about what can be called Bourbon or Scotch, but good is good!

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Smoke or no smoke PX?

From the neighbouring isles


I can’t smell anything especially my peaty Smokey isle of islay scotches since mild Covid in April of 2022 CAN anyone help me bobbmd

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Yes I can help you.
If you drink an Ardbeg 10 Year it has a ridge of vanilla leads to mountain of peat capped with citrus fruits and circled by clouds of sea spray. So next time you drink Ardbeg 10 Year try to picture those things in your head. :smiley: :tumbler_glass:


This was an unexpected find in the big branch of our local “posh” supermarket and only £41 for a 750ml bottle:

It’s by far and away the most enjoyable bourbon I’ve had since a really special bottle of Widow Jane I picked up in 2018 when I lived in Austria. I can’t remember which release that was (maybe I have a photo of the bottle somewhere), but I know it set me back around €160.


can confirm; it’s good stuff.

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I have heard of it but not tried. Thanks for the heads up!

I am enjoying Glendronach CS Batch 11, Ben Nevis 8y 2013/2022 (Signatory, Small Batch Edition #11), Laphroaig Sherry Oak 10y and Edradour Sherry Butt 10y 2012/2022 these days.

The Edradour was a very pleasant surprise as well as the Ben Nevis.

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I’ve had some outstanding whiskies from Edradour over the years. The best was a 1983 (26 year old IIRC) matured solely in port casks.

Another outstanding whisky was the “Fairy Flag”, a limited edition produced in honour of the film of the same name. Originally priced about £70, but fetching £200 or so now due to the rarity of remaining bottles.

EDIT: Sadly, the film has never seen the light of day. It seems the producer ran into (primarily) fiscal issues…


I was very surprised by it. Despite the high ABV, it’s not at all fiery. It has considerably more character than other bourbons in a similar price range. I find many bourbons a bit too one-dimensional. This is definitely one I’ll buy again.

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I grabbed a tasting sample of the “Fairy Flag” a few years back (just checked my tasting notes because I wasn’t quite sure)… marked it as “my favourite Edradour single malt” back in 2019…

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