Who has ground an axe?

In another thread, someone mentioned having an axe to grind. Now, that’s a metaphor, but it’s also a great, gritty image. But then I started wondering, how many people on this list have ever actually ground an axe? Would actually understand the flying sparks and sharp edges and implicit menace of the metaphor?

It’s been over fifty years since my grandfather showed me how to do it, which is the only time I’ve ever done it. How about the rest of you?

Yes, absolutely, with a handheld grinder.

I’ve done it too. Many times. Do you want a hollow grind or a flat grind?
The hollow grind is a lot easier using a Tormek with the Tormek Axe Grinding Jig. No sparks, no drama.
If you are using the axe for roughing a wooden spoon. a flat grind is the better way to go. More work and requires some skill using stones or diamond cards. But easier to keep the cut on line when you are shaping the piece.

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Not a lot of call for an axe in suburban London.

A couple of axes, lot’s of chisels, and lots of plane blades; though only the axes involved sparks and the stink of a grinding stone.

Blades on the mower with an angle grinder or bench grinder… Sparks fly for sure

Yup. With custom made abrasion sticks, Japanese waterstones, and the whole range of Gränsfors Bruks sharpening products (inc. circular hand puck). :slight_smile:


Nerds do as nerds will :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t aware of the Gransfors until reading your post. Thanks for the reference.

Does a hatchet count?

Sure, why not? But you have to use a grinder.

Understood, And I did.

Extra points if it’s a foot-pedal powered grinder!

Many times…

No sparks though, it was a water cooled, foot-pedal-treadle old-school sandstone wheel.

Axes, Knifes, Blades, Arrow Heads, … all good.

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Nope, never have ground an axe. Chopped a lot of wood. But outsourced the grinding, sad to say. Might have a new hobby.

Where did Lizzy Borden live , I suppose a sharp knife is better in Limehouse :joy:

Much easier to outsource the chopping

S’funny. I have a house in the suburbs, with a fireplace I use for parties and entertaining and the occasional home dinner. There, I get kiln dried wood delivered. My place in the hills, I get the chainsaw out, and chop down a tree — or more often chop up recently fallen ones. I saw up the wood, age it, axe split it (none of this hydraulic splitter stuff for me… yet) and chop kindling. There we go through fires nightly about six months a year - at least when we’re out there. Totally different approaches. Country mouse and city mouse.

I have seen my grandfather and father sharpen axes, but I’ve never done it myself.

I have, however, converted an electrical circuit that had multiple earths into a star topology with a single common earthing point, or in other words “axed a ground”. Does that count ?


I’ve never ground an axe, but I have buried a few hatchets! Much better for my general well being!