Who likes/uses the microRendu?

Looking to clean up an endpoint. I can afford the mR and power supply, and I have an acceptable DAC, analog inputs on my CA AVR, plus wired internet connection.

I am asking for real world reviews from Roon peers. Do you like it? 1.5 or ?



I use Sonore Rendu streaming products, coupled with my sonicTransporter i7 server, all from Small Green Computer. They have been stable and reliable components in my multi-room Roon music system for a number of years. Easy to configure via a web interface, and definitely an upgrade compared to a Mac laptop I had originally used out of the gate with Roon.

I have a microRendu with USB out to a NAD D3020 amp in the bedroom, and an ultraRendu USB to Schiit Audio DAC and amp driving Focal Stellia headphones. No complaints. Bill

Edit-- I upgraded the basic power supply for each unit to an sBooster LPS, which, to my ears at least, made a noticeable improvement in sound quality.

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No complaints, except that if you want Roon to control volume, you have to use DSP volume.

Do you remember which sBooster model you use with the mR? I am budgeting for the device sold my Sonore and Small Green Computer.


Thanks, Charles. I will control volume with my AVR.


It’s the 5-6 v model, but that was for the original mR 1.3 I see SGC is now recommending a 7v LPS for mR 1.5, and they offer one on their website that I imagine is comparable to sBooster’s model.

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That is the power supply I am looking at. Thanks.

Happy ultraRendu user here. It’s been a few years, but I recall a noticeable upgrade in sound quality from where I was (Macbook Pro USB straight to DAC), not to mention the convenience of being able to move my Roon endpoint away from the Core, etc.

The best part is I’ve never thought about it in the years I’ve owned it. It just works.

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I had a couple of microRenu’s that I eventually sold and upgraded to their Signature RendueSEs. I think they are great. I used a HDPlex 200W Linear Power Supply (current model is a 300W) which worked great with the microRendu. This LPS is nice as it has 2 rails to power two devices (like a nucleus and a microRendu or some other combination) if you need it. Only downsides to the microRendu is issue noted by another poster on having to use dsp volume control if needed and the fact that you have to buy new major OS updates on microSD cards from the company – you can’t do a major upgrade for free online… But in general, you can’t go wrong them – they work and sound great.

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See this new post from one of the forum members:

The Uptone LPS is often paired with the mR and has a great reputation.

I have several micro and ultraRendu. They have worked flawlessly for several years. Others may steer you towards some sort of Pi or other “DIY” endpoint which I have used successfully. But if you want seamless plug and play I highly recommend either the micro or the ultra. My rendu’s are powered by LPS 1.2’s.



Thanks, looks like it is sold.

Big Sonore fan and recenty upgraded from an mR 1.4 to an opticalRendu Roon Lite version. The mR 1.4 is up for sale (just as of today due to a new solution for my office). Haven’t even powered it down yet so need some time for pics, price decisions etc.


There’s one for sale on Computer Audiophile:

Thanks, guys. I won’t be purchasing anything until tax refund time. Out of debt and plan to stay there. In a few weeks, I’ll be in the market.

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