Who thinks the Nucleus is an easy thing to setup and use?

Actually there is a lot more to decide than the Roon Subscription, at least for me. I have read reviews and some of the Knowledge base. I plan on buying a subscription but I still don’t know how to start the thing! Maybe you’ll understand I like to read manuals, I don’t mind downloading one but I still haven’t found the manual.

Is the Nucleus a computer device with a chip but no storage? Otherwise, if I download the Roon software is it on the Nucleus or my laptop? I understand about using the HDMI to go into a surround processor. I also understand I plug a network cable into my router. If I insert a USB where will I hear music? Do I have to place the Nucleus next to all my equipment? Does a wireless network on my laptop make things any easier? When I download the Roon software does it go onto my laptop or my Nucleus?

I don’t know who thinks the Nucleus is an easy thing to setup and use, because I sure don’t. The step by step guide is far from step by step to me.

Well, since the Nucleus is marketed to be sold by dealers, you should be able to rely on your local dealer to both advise you and install it for you.

It sounds as though you’re struggling to grasp how Roon is architected. If the pretty marketing materials don’t help, then there is always more information in the Knowledge Base. Try that, and see if it helps. Otherwise come back here.

The Nucleus is a computer that is intended to run without a keyboard or monitor and it only runs the OS (a version of Linux) and Roon. It comes with a hard drive for the OS and Roon but no storage for music. You can install an internal drive for music storage or use an external USB drive. It is intended to be connected to your network via a wired ethernet connection. Once it’s connected to your network it can be controlled by any other device on your network with the Roon app as a remote. For instance, your cell phone, an IPad, or any of your computers on the network. If you’ve connected the Nucleus via HDMI to some sort of receiver (surround processor) the music will come from speakers connected to the receiver. You can also play music to anything else connected to your network (either wired or wireless). For instance you can play music from the Nucleus to your IPhone, IPad or speakers connected to a PC on your network. You use the remote to select the zone or zones you want to play to. The actual Roon software is preinstalled on the Nucleus. However, you need a copy of Roon on every device you want to use as a remote, either the full Roon package (in the case of a PC) or the App (in the case of a phone or IPad). I sounds like you have everything you need to get started. You just need to take a deep breath and plug it all in.

I didn’t say there wasn’t. But until you decide if you are going to subscribe to Roon, the question of a Nucleus is moot.


Roon is already installed on the Nucleus (it’s the only thing installed).
Open up your Roon app of choice (smartphone, tablet, computer) and the Roon software will just find the Nucleus.
It couldn’t be any easier. Keep in mind though that without a Roon subscription, its a useless paperweight.

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Not trying to minimize your challenge, but I found my Nucleus+ ridiculously easy to install and set up. But that’s probably because I had already done installations with a Mac mini, a Synology NAS, and a NUC. Once you get the whole picture, I expect you will find it very simple.


As above , if you decide you dont like Roon the Nucleus will be redundant, the NOC ROCK option at least leaves a working NUC Just load Windows and go

My 2p

The Nucleus uses the same hardware as an Intel NUC - so you could also just load up Windows 10 onto it and use it as a Windows 10 PC if you so wished.


I’d start by using the laptop as that does everything you need on one device. Then, when you are used to the concepts and have kicked the metaphorical tyres you can make further decisions.


Everything was new to me too. I subscribed to Tidal first, paid $10 to use an importer service to move my music from Apple to Tidal. Saw that 95% of my stuff was on Tidal.
Then I purchased a Nucleus and a lifetime Roon subscription on faith alone (after many hours on this forum and several other audiophile sites).
The Nucleus came. I plugged in ethernet. Bing – instantly up and running. I had the Roon app already loaded on my iPad. It found the Nucleus immediately. And from there, I clicked Tidal, entered my subscription, and all was good. It really is that easy.

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Well another small issue. Nucleus connected to my Fios router. My laptop connects to Nucleus via Wi,Fi. When I turned them on and looked at Music folder on my laptop, Before Roon there were 4 CD’s in the folder. When I connected Nucleus/Roon doubled all the pictures in the folder to eight. At first I thought one picture was just a graphic file but no. When I clicked on either picture all the tracks were in each one. Does Roon see playlists in Windows Media Player? Any Ideas?

The Roon Nucleus should download your music files from their source location to whatever location you designate in Roon. I installed an SSD drive in my Nucleus for my music files. It sounds like maybe you designated the Roon storage location as the same as your source location on your laptop.

Go to settings, storage and post what you see.

I have the same problem with my dishwasher.
And my Prius.

As others have eluded to you don’t need a Nucleous to use Roon.

My suggestion would be to download and use the free trial on an existing computer and see if you like it. If you do then you can think about a Nucleous or some other dedicated computer to run it.

Or, if it works for you as is there’s nothing stopping you leaving it on the computer you trial it on. Just remember that whatever computer it is installed on needs to be left on.



You & the other guys hit the spot. This was the 1st question I posted that got answered super quick. I had my music folder and my computer trail to my music folder. This answer makes sense. I deleted the trail and just left music folder and it worked like a charm.

Too late I already signed up for a year about 2 weeks ago.

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Since my mancave isn’t fixed up for Roon except having a retired Desktop down there. I downloaded Roon to the laptop I use everyday. I’d like to make my core the Desktop. Do I have to do something to my laptop core files or use Roonbridge to help split them up?

Don’t you have a Nucleus or have I missed something in this thread?

To answer your original question from 1 month ago -

No, you don’t want to make your desktop your core. Your core is your Roon Nucleus. After installing the Roon software on your laptop and desktop, you can use either of them or both of them as your Roon control device. You can also use your iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet by installing the Roon app on them.

I’m thinking maybe you need to spend some more time here:

or here -