Why are so many Classical album cover so dire?

Ok, I’m not a classical listener and know little of the genre, but that doesn’t meant I don’t or won’t listen, but just looking through covers they convey such a dull and uninviting aspect to me.
There are exceptions, so it can be done and maybe these covers appeal to aficionados but…

What’s with the yellow scroll?

Ok, we have exceptions…

This seems to mean business

Again, better…

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You could easily say the same about Pop album covers, Chris.

Yep I suppose so, but the classical tend to look so unappealing to me.

I find some more appealing than others. :smile:


It is a link back to the classic(al) DGG LP covers with their distinctive yellow emblems.

I don’t really care. Back in the last century, when we browsed through bins of physical discs, the cover was important because it served to grab one’s attention with surprise or familiarity. These days, with almost infinite content on tap, text and tag searches make cover art less than window dressing. If you don’t like it, replace it.

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Perhaps it’s because we classical listeners tend to listen to the musical performance rather than look at the cover art? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I appreciate that, but it hardly helps bring people in and there is nothing stopping producers doing both.

Thank you. that explains something but to an outsider it looks like a cheap deal at home bargains and I am not trying to disrespect the music here.

Much better

Not to me it isn’t - this sort of totty art turns me off.

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Horses for course come into play whatever one does, but miserable faces on dull covers is just so unimaginative in my view.
Maybe that is just the image they wish to project or maybe it’s just the way it’s always been done and style is frowned upon as being popular and not elitist enough… I don’t know?

I’ve always believed it was meant to underline the serious nature of classical music as opposed to something frivolous like everything else.

The snob appeal, you see.

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It tells me more about what is inside than an artsy one does.

That’s all very well and good. I am looking from the outside and this is the impression that could well be widely held.
If that’s not important to the producers, that’s ok, it is what it is and a least I know now.

@Chrislayeruk - maybe you’re looking at the wrong albums. :wink:

I only own a few DG records and most just have a small yellow DG logo on the front cover, but here’s one from 1989 with the larger version and it looks quite OK, I’d say:

It’s all a matter of taste I suppose

I quite like this one…


That’s better, still a sense of serous (if that’s important) but much more interesting

But it tells me nothing apart from the text.

One of my favorite albums, and two incredible artists, but how did this photo get chosen and approved for the cover!

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