Why aren't all your friends using Roon?


Thanks, Danny.


Last August Spotify became available for the Xbox One. When I set it up I had 2 different options. Either I could use the (standard with everyone) Spotify Connect or I could install a App. I chose the App. It is a very weak App but hey it is 1st gen and it is also a break with their Spotify Connect Only.

Hopefully things are starting to change with them.


(Danny Dulai) #188

Spotify’s own advertised solution for XBox is Spotify Connect based: https://www.spotify.com/is/xbox/

That said, they look like they are dabbling: https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/8/16105990/spotify-xbox-one-app-download-store

but this is very different than a third party doing an app w/ Spotify support - this is just them doing an alternative platform – like their web app.

(Jamie Worsley) #189

Spotify has integrated with Algoriddims DJay app. I doubt that is connect based…not only can you stream the music, it must cache enough of the file to allow you to manipulate the bpm. The only stipulation is that you are online at the time to be able to use the functionality. I have a feeling getting Spotify to co-operate is more about persistence and perhaps Algoriddim had the clout of Apple behind them…

(Danny Dulai) #190

This one is a very unusual integration but it aligns with what Spotify told us: DJay is value-add to Spotify, the core purpose is not to replace the Spotify UI/UX. Roon sets out to replace the streaming service’s own experience, something they don’t want.


Recently, I have been getting more and more failures with Tidal. For me this is a huge problem; if music cuts out half way through a track, then nothing else is worse. I can live without Roon integration to live with a streaming service which actually streams properly. If every 5th track, the music stops, for example; its a bit of a buzz kill.

Tried deezer, but it’s only 320kbps max on Android :frowning: - and there are some serious limits to the personalisation aspects, but that could be a good thing.

Trying Qobuz again now, really enjoying it. No failures… so far :slight_smile: - great buffering. Streaming like a champ and sounds lovely.

So really, for me… I like to have access to the music via good search algorithms and consistent lossless streaming, that’s all, lol :slight_smile:

Now Qobuz seems to have a better business model, how about it @danny ? Give em another go ? :slight_smile:

Oh and I read they are hitting the USA market… could be good.



Their hi-res streaming price makes Roon look like a bargain too!


there is that. But I’m more than happy with plain old vanilla 16/44.1 CD quality. Actually… here in Switz, they are asking 399 chf for the ALL in package, Hi Res streaming, discounts on all purchases, blah blah, and its only 8chf a month more than tidal. IF it works consistently and if they’re not about to go belly up for the foreseeable, I could swallow that. But anyhow, it’s fairly moot. I’m not that bothered about the HD stuff. It’s a bit snake oily for me, (he says, trying to convince his 19 yo son much the same thing re Flac vs MP3, lol)

(Danny Dulai) #194

You seem to be implying that I am the roadblock to Qobuz in Roon as a TIDAL alternative, and nothing could be further from the truth. This rests completely in their hands.


My apologies Danny, I was reading a qobuz thread (albeit quite alot) earlier which said that you were not taking things further with them because of their financial situation and didn’t want to invest in a risky partnership.

I didn’t know there had been further exchanges. I’d be interested to know what is the blockage is; perhaps I can lobby them :slight_smile:

(Greg Stratton) #196

Does this happen when using the Tidal app? Obviously this shouldn’t happen and Tidal works perfectly for me in Canada.

If it just occurs while integrated with a Roon, then you should start a support thread. Otherwise, if it occurs with the Tidal app, then see what Tidal has to say.

Cheers, Greg

Oh, and Qobuz isn’t available in Canada either.


No it’s general with Tidal (with Roon or native), thanks for asking Greg. In fact Tidal runs better generally via the PC’s than mobile devices, but I really I just don’t think it caches particularly well. Maybe it’s just my setups, but I am not experiencing problems with Qobuz. Ill switch back to Tidal for another test or two in the next couple of weeks to compare further.

(Johan N) #198

I’m also in CH and have not experienced any dropouts at all with Tidal. I’ve issues with Netflix on and off, particularly in evening, though. Having said that I have a very solid network at home and a an internet clock connection from init7.

As for Qoubus I gave up on that a while back due to too much dropouts and full outages.

(Daniel Beyer) #199

The last impression I got was that they wanted to do their own software front end.

Always a great option. Companies will listen to their customers or potential customers.


No, sorry your job is to satisfy your customers and not to roll the ball to others? You need their database?? Something must be wrong on the way you negotiate. All has its prize.


I live in France and Tidal does not stream well here. I have dropouts in almost every track. Sometimes I can wait for at least felt 30 seconds until a track starts to play. Don‘t experience this with any other streaming service. So, I had to give up on Tidal and therefore an extended Roon experience. Roon is fantastic for my local library and worth the prize for that. But not being able to scan in other streaming services through the great Roon ‚sound distribution‘ system and its fantastic DSP and filter options it as pity. But Roon prefers to offer nothing than what they call a me too implementation of other services. As user I can not see any rational on this decision. Sorry for my rant.


yes it is more prevalent in the evening. I am with swisscom for my cell phone and use a Salt SIM in a mobile router for the home. The Salt connection is pretty stable around 30-40mbps, but the Swisscom one is ridiculous, varying from around 3mpps to 150, depending on time of day and whatever the heck Swisscom is doing. Actually it is on the Swisscom mobile connection Im having the problems. Im trying the other services to see if I can get better buffering, and so far so good with Qobuz… Or of course I could just switch my main cell phone carrier to Salt :slight_smile: - but I have an ongoing contract with Swisscom.


Ouch! :slight_smile:

I’m sure there are valid reasons, but perhaps Danny doesn’t want to elaborate for political reasons? It must be frustrating too for Roon too.

Having said that perhaps there’s a way, like you say to get a foot in the door with partial integration, show these guys, from testimonials, that more customers are coming to Streaming service X or Z thanks to Roon itself and only Roon, and open the door perhaps to further integration?

Food for thought :slight_smile:

(Danny Dulai) #204

I described exactly what we need here and here

TIDAL gave it to us, Qobuz refused. Then back in 2015-2016 when their users pushed them to give us what we needed to do a good Qobuz experience (see note 1 below), their new CEO publicly stated that they’d rather build Roon-like functionality (see note 2 below).

Note 1: Qobuz has a forum where one can suggest “ideas” and everyone can vote on those ideas. Roon was the most popular subject for months, by a very wide margin. That post and the votes have since been removed from their site.

Note 2: The post has since been deleted, but the message was copied here


thanks Danny, we can only hope these guys will not be so “Non!” about things in future!

PS… reading what you wrote - I do fully respect your decision here, its easy to be an armchair enthusiast, you are at the rockface, so to speak :slight_smile: