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It could be that I am not understanding some simple concept, so please explain.

I I find myself listening to a “mx” suggested to me, I find something playing that I like, so I want to add it to my library … but I can’t . The “add to library” option is greyed out, as is also the “add to tag” option.

Why is this happening?

Don’t hit the three dots menu…yet.
To add to library just click the + button.
Then once it’s actually in your library hit the three dots menu and you will have option to add tags.

You cannot add tags to anything until it is in your library.

I understand about the tags. But something seemed not right about the three dots menu showing an “add to library” option that was greyed out … that’s not normally the case. It seemed to maybe be related to me playing though a “my mix” list. The “add to library” should not be greyed out I would have thought

Hey @Gordon_Milligan,

I wanted to thank you for getting in touch and engaging on our community to find out more about how Roon works. We’re sorry we missed your post for this long… :pensive:

@AceRimmer has explained things clearly (thanks so much!). I hope it’ll help better manage your music listening experience :heart_eyes:

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