Why can't I get support from Roon?

I really don’t get it… I paid hunderds of euro’s for a piece of premium priced software and when it doesn’t function (eg. can’t log in anymore) I cannot get support from Roon. Even Microsoft offers better support.

I am lucky that some members of the community do their best to help me, but if I pay this kind of money for software, I expect a solid support service to make sure I can enjoy my investment. I now have to wait and see whether a Roon support member will (or will not?) at some point in time look at my post :frowning: I send a PM to a Roon tech member, but didn’t even get an answer on my PM. With this policy from Roon, it becomes hard for me to recommend roon for new joiners (a life time subscription costs 830 dollar). Roon is premium priced, but with ‘premium priced’ should come ‘premium service’.


I agree that support should be more plentiful and quicker, but let’s be real: It costs in the range of Netflix. Adobe Suite is maybe approaching “premium” and that’s $55 a month. Heck, even Adobe Acrobat Pro alone is nearly twice the subscription price of Roon

No excuse I guess but a lot of the “support” threads are trivial and easily dealt with by fellow forum members .

A support scheme based on forum first, was no doubt, a choice and keeps the techie support staff for the real issues.

This forum approach has been working for JRiver for the 2 years I have been using it so why not Roon

(somewhere) there was an analysis of the cost breakdown of Roon’s subscription price , most goes on infrastructure and metadata, and of course the odd Porsche :smiling_imp:

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I can accept ‘forum support’ if the SLA would be: for the first 2 days, we won’t respond and see what the community can do. However, I have already been waiting for 4 days with no response from Roon, and the community has not been able to solve my issue. I could even live with a longer waiting time as long as it would be communicated and I would know how long I have to wait till I can use Roon and play music again. Now it is almost a black hole: I put something in the support section and you never know if and when something comes out from it from Roon Support.

You can’t compare Roon with Netflix in my view, which offers over 13,000 titles of content. It’s more comparable to Adobe, which is also premium-priced. The key differences are that (a) I always got premium support with Adobe, and (b) the pricing is targeted at professional users. I believe many amateurs have already switched to alternative software packages.

Does anybody now how to get attention from Roon support?

15 days is becoming the norm. No excuses are at all for this in any way regardless of what the problem is. Even NAD which are bad contact within 48 hours. It’s been in a decline for the last few years if you ask me and it’s causing them a lot of bad pr. This has to stop,

As I don’t agree the forum approach works it certainly isn’t for Roon from my experience, forum members can cause more frustration, confusion and harm with bad advice and dilute the real issue.


@CrystalGipsy : Couldn’t agree more with you!

I’m shocked by the 15 days! :astonished:

But thanks for the info. At least I know I’m on my own and shouldn’t wait for Roon to help me.

I agree. As much as I love Roon - and I DO! - support is far too bad. A year ago I had to wait almost two month before I got some help - and after that it took another two month before the problem was solved. In these four month I was not able to use Roon which as a lifetimer is not satisfactory.

I think Roon underestimates how much support is needed. If I were Roon I would use less ressources developing new features and more ressources helping customers.

But hey, what do I know about these things. I’m not a businessman :slight_smile: And at the moment my Roon is running perfectly.

But the least Roon should give us some kind of auto reply “we are sorry to hear you are having problems. We have received your ticket and will be back as soon as possible. At the moment you should expect it to take up to (whatever is the estimate)”

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Again fully agree! Especially with the ‘less time for new development and more time to provide support’. And make sure all works reliable over time.

This time there was one member in the community that helped me to find the solution, but the amount of effort I had to spend on this is insane, especially as I think a Roon support professional could have found the solution probably in 1 min (now I know the issue, I see it was actually pretty simple to problem solve if that is your profession).

What I don’t like about the dependency on the community is that in my case people started to question the specs of my 4 year old NAS while it was obvious (at least for me) that that couldn’t be the root cause of the issues I had. And I was proven right. It is just to easy and superficial to advice people to buy a more expensive NAS and that will solve your Roon issues.

Pray tell what was the answer , so the community knows next time :smiling_imp:

Problem with this is that these aren’t the same resources. Developer should develop, not do support, and supporters can’t develop.

As head of support in another software company, I know too well how damn hard it is to find good supporters with sufficient technical knowledge who nevertheless want to do support and not something else. We interview all the time, spending a huge amount of time and yet we are always understaffed as well because the applicants are usually … well, just not good enough. And when you find someone it takes ages to train them in the product.

Hurts doubly if someone leaves, as Roon’s Wes did apparently recently, and I suppose this is what added a lot to the currently excessive wait times


@Suedkiez you are probably right but it does not require any special skills to communicate to customers 1) “we hear you” and 2) “we expect to get back to you within (whatever is the expected time)”. It just requires prioritization.

Yes, this can be automated (and by the way they are introducing a ticket system) or done by anyone, but actually finding the problem and understanding it, helping the user solve it, and where necessary preparing it so that it can be fixed by developers (analyze and document it, make it reproducible, etc.) requires considerable knowledge and skills that 90+% of support job applicants don’t have

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I would love to get support in fifteen days! I would be happy with 30!! How about a year?

That’s not a support issue as such, as far as I can tell, but a dev issue. A ticket is in, which is usually where the responsibility of support ends, if a workaround does not exist that they could give you.

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You can call it what you like. I have a significant problem that Roon has not solved or even worked with me to diagnose.

And you have a right to be, just pointing out where the problem seems to be. That said, while it sucks, there are open, unfixed issues in every software product because there are always more things to fix than dev resources. It’s then a prioritization question, and I have no idea what the problem is there - I used a Galaxy Tab A and never had such a scrolling problem as you described it.

Edit: I tried now and see what you mean. I can make it happen by being deliberately “sloppy” when scrolling, compared to my natural scrolling movement, but I can also easily avoid it at least on this device (it’s a Tab A 10") by taking just a tiny bit of care - which for me is how I scroll naturally anyway. I realize that this differs between individuals

Of course I did :wink:

@Suedkiez , I understand your point. But I think for Roon 75% of the issues can be solved by people that have just a 2 day basic training. Roon is no rocket science. My problem could have easily be solved by a junior support employee. And agree with the element of communication: no it is a black hole. The support request goes in the hole, but nothing comes out :slight_smile:

Maybe, I wouldn’t put a number on it. I think many Roon issues are extremely complex for a support team because a large number of issues are caused by stuff like misconfigured home networks that you can never replicate in a lab. For others you must be quite good in Roon usage, certainly not a 2-day training thing. And then there are others where I agree that they are easy. However, as a support leader I also try not to have staff that can only do the easy things because this drags everything down in a small team.

I agree that the current situation is not satisfactory, just saying that it’s not easy


Fair enough

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