Why can't I stay with 1.6 if it is stable and I like it? Why I'm obliged to migrate to 1.7 if I don't want?

@support Good morning,

After very bad audio quality experience after update to version 1.7 (I have openend a ticket in “support” one week ago and still waiting for help/reply) I got another SSD and installed again the version 1.6 as I still had the file I used in September for my first installation…

Everything worked fine and I got this result


Then I tried to lock the update to remain with the 1.6 using this option here


Unfortunately when I established a connection with the Core via web interface I got this bad surprise :rage:

With NO POSSIBILITY TO ACCESS THE MENU TO DISABLE UPDATE… why can’t I decide to stay with what I like? Why we are all obliged to accept it when for some of us the 1.6 was nice enough and stable? What are those UPDATE SETTINGS for if, in praxis, can’t be used to decide about?

Please reply (or, better, help!)

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The answer is pretty simple. Roon is not solely comprised of the app on your desktop. It leverages cloud based infrastructure and functionality to do its thing. The front end and back end need to remain in sync for things to work.


so if the day after tomorrow people in Roon decide to end the “cloud base infrastructure” we all remain with nothing? I mean… it will be even impossible to use the Core installed in my house with the software (music I mean) in my hdd because no cloud available service/connection? it is obvious the new A.I. can’t work if is not online… but why no use of what I have already scanned and results saved locally? … DSP is not cluod based but running locally, why can’t I use it if I’m offline, or they are offline, or I’m not updated? library is in my hdd and Tidal is another account/service… why can’t I use it? … just to better understand how this product/service works

You’re subscribing to a service, so it’s no different to any other service provider in that regard.

Roon requires an internet connection to “call home” at least once every 3 or 4 weeks. See below what they say would happen if Roon shuts down.

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ok, that’s positive… I like it

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