Why can't Zidoo Z9X play lossless DSD via USB?

Roon Core Machine

Roon on a Synology NAS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Zidoo Z9X via USB 2.0 connected to a RME ADI-2 Pro FS R

Connected Audio Devices

RME ADI-2 Pro FS R as a DAC and headphone amp

Number of Tracks in Library

5,500 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon cannot play DSD lossless via the Zidoo Z9X. When I replace the Zidoo by a Raspberry pi running ropieee, it works perfectly. The Zidoo Z9X is able to play DSD lossless, when I use the built-in audio player. So, why does Roon do a lossy conversion?

Do you have it configured properly to use DoP in device settings as the RME only supports DoP for DSD on non windows machines. If you get no DSD options in device settings then it looks like it’s not supported via Roon on the device. I would speak to Zidoo to confirm it supports DoP for DSD via Roon Ready.

Are you really sure?
Zidoo’s website specifies the following audio formats only …

It does show DSD on their webpage for this model I looked earlier.

This is from a review of it.

We also get the newly upgraded Music Player 6.0 which supports lossless playback and decoding, personalized settings and associated songs data matching. With it you can playback audio files like master-level DSD (SACD ISO,DFF,DSF,DSD etc.), regular lossless formats (FLAC, WAV, APE, DTS etc.), CUE track and CD-ROM playback (SACD).

… probably looked at their outdated German site, then …

I would be totally happy if I had DoP. But what Roon does here is not lossless. I don’t understand why the built-in audioplayer can play my DSD files in lossless DoP, while Roon in the same constellation of devices can’t.

Yes, I wonder why they made their own ugly thing, instead of simply translating the great original site www.zidoo.tv. :wink:

That site has tons of information … tldr …
Did you check firmware update or settings like …

From Marins post saying DSD is experimental on the device sends alarm bells. Roon wont support features that are not fully developed and stable. Sounds to me like this is the reason it’s not working. They likely submitted without this feature being completed.

Yes. “USB audio” is switched on and I set it to “DoP”. But, as it says in the “tip”: It only takes effect for the local music player.

Ok, that sounds plausible. Maybe they add it in a coming firmware, when it is no longer experimental. I like the Zidoo very much, because it It fulfills my desires for high quality music and video in one device. And the picture quality is much better than with kodi running on a Pi or a NUC.

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