Why do I get so many tracks marked "unavailable" when viewing Tidal albums through Roon

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When I log into Tidal and view the same album, all the tracks are presented and play without a single hitch, and yet when I look at the same album in Roon, many tracks are displayed with “unavailable” and Roon would skip over them. Too many albums with this problem.

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Have the tidal tracks been added to your roon library?

Hi @Andrew_Yin,

I find that Tidal seems to regularly switch albums around, resulting in my previously added tracks suddenly showing as “Unavailable”. If I search for them in Tidal, the album may have totally vanished or be there with some not readily apparent change. So I don’t think Roon is at fault, but this may just be a licensing change or other tweak at the Tidal side. It is annoying though!

This is just my conjecture - happy for a Roon expert to weigh in! I’d also love to know if Qobuz is subject to the same issues.

Thank you Ged and Karen. I worked out the reason why it happened. These albums are not officially released yet. They are “teasers” and you will find only one or two tracks available for listening and the actual album won’t be released until later in the year.

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Hi Karen, yes, Qobuz has the same issues. Beyond any real re-issue, streaming services may have to remove/add selections (even if they are the same) for licensing reasons.

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Thanks very much Daniel. I suspected that was the reason, but it is nice to have confirmation.

I’ve had that happen with Tidal on tracks that are most definitely not new. IE tracks that have been released for a long time. As Rugby and Karen suggest, it is most likely licensing issues on the streaming service. It is annoying sometimes.

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