Why do search results only show 50 albums?! [Solved: Use Focus on Album browser]

Why do search results only show 50 albums?! What a stupid design!
For example, I have 100 Karajan albums, but typing the keyword “Karajan” will only show 50 albums at most.
I need to show it all!

Are you certain that your metadata and search criteria is correct?

If I search my library for artists where I have well in excess 50 albums such as Grateful Dead, Zappa and Tangerine Dream they all show the correct numbers and doesnt limit the results to 50 albums.

My question would actually be “why does scrolling suck in search results for artists with over 50 albums?” I have multiple hundred live Dead shows and scrolling gets very sluggish around 200 in when searching.

But this is your thread - so verify your data and search criteria. :+1:

Hello! I certain that my metadata and search criteria is correct.

Every album of mine is tagged by “mp3tag” software, such as my Karajan album:

Beethoven Symphony No.1 Karajan(DG)
Beethoven Symphony No.2 Karajan(DG)
Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 5 Weissenberg & Karajan(EMI)

My albums are named manually. For example, when I search for “Beethoven Karajan”, Roon’s search results show up to 50 results.

Where does the problem come from?

Are you using the general magnifying glass search? That will only return so many results per category.

If you use the albums browser, and then focus or filter, you will get all matches in your library.

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I see. Thank you very much! Where is the Albums Browser? :sweat_smile:

Hamburger (3 lines top left) > My library > albums.

You may find the Roon KB useful, in particular the albums part

If I using the album browser, I can’t search.

Because I have so many albums, it’s important that the search shows all the results (rather than just 50).

In fact, Roon’s design is very inconvenient.

Do the focus and filter options outlined in my links above not help? Focus on composer and conductor?

Focus, Filter, Composer and Conductor are all useless.

I have more than 600 Karajan’s albums on my other player Aurender ACS10. Just type in “Karajan” to list all the albums with “Karajan” in the album title.

But in Roon, either a magnifying glass search or into “Conductor”-Karajan, only 270 albums can be found. :worried:

Something strange then. If 600 albums have Karajan in the title, then typing that into the filter box in the albums browser should find them. Can you give an example or a screenshot of where the filter is failing?

Have you set the conductor tag on those albums that don’t show up with the focus>conductor? And are your Tags being imported OK? See this KB article.

All of my albums are labeled with “mp3tag” as shown in the figure. Use “file tags” are also set in the library.

However, I couldn’t find the album by typing “Beethoven Mutter Karajan” through a magnifying glass on Roon!

Use this instead

From the album link above

The magnifying glass is always general and tries to cover all contexts, the filter is exact.

But the filter only enter a single keyword, resulting in still not accurate album search.

For example, if I type “Karajan” into the filter, it will list all the Karajan albums, but that’s not my goal. I only want Karajan’s Beethoven symphonies, and the filter won’t do that.

As mentioned above, all of my albums are labeled with MP3Tag. The title contains all the key information such as composer, composition, performer, label, and format. It would be nice if Roon used any combination of keywords in the album title. Like any keyword in “Beethoven Symphony No.9 Karajan(DG FLAC).”

“Aurender Conductor” APP does this very well, Roon could learn from them.

Ok, I see you have the tag for composer set. So if you filter on Karajan, then focus > composer on Beethoven, does that work?

Ahh, I’m afraid it doesn’t do that. Having all your keywords in the title is not the usual way for Roon which would prefer all those attributes to be in the ID3 tags. You may find this KB article helpful.